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SatrinaBuffFrame addon

Upgrades doesn't always come in the form of gear, sometimes you find great upgrades when it comes to addons too. I was using Buffalo as my buff/debuff addon for a long time which was later replaced by Bison. It had what I wanted; positioning and support for ButtonFacade. Now however I just switched to SatrinaBuffFrame and I love it! There's more configuration and you can make it look really great. It's also easy to configure.

It was a while ago now through Kae that I found the DBM modification using Damia-UI that made the DBM bars look a lot better (this is broken for the moment though isn't it? If anyone has gotten it to work please tell me how). Using the same basic layout principle of that modification I've now setup my debuffs in much the same way. Besides a debuff icon, I now get name, duration, bars and debuff color for my debuffs!

Here you can see a nice big icon using ButtonFacadeSvelte, green text for Poison Spit (since it's a poison), a green bar using the Healbot texture as well as a text timer on the bar. The font used is Sansation (If you want to know more about adding fonts to the UI you can have a look at the post I wrote a while ago about changing fonts).

Here's also a simple example of the regular buffs in my top right corner. You can set another color on the timers for buffs that are about to run out, also notice the very clear stack text that you can set. I use the Hand of Sean font for my stack as well for my HoTs on Grid as I think it's easy to read, distinct and looks good.

All in all it looks great and it supports SharedMedia and ButtonFacade. You get timer bars and lots of nice customization. Major addon upgrade! !need :)


Tessie said...

Nonne uses 4 addons, this is one of em ^^ I never bothered to look into it cuz looked a bit complexed (it was kinda all over his screen, well half of it) :)
I'm gonna check it out, and prolly poke u in game for help ;)
Nice post!

Niniel said...

Thanks :) Curse client says I've got 137 addons installed :D There's 327 folders in my Interface folder ^^

JormaT said...

I just remembered why i tried and removed SBF, I cant rightclick on a buff to remove it. Found out hard way when i was DI'd at Blood Queen and couldnt click it off and of course i aggroed respawned boss when it finally wore off...

Niniel said...

That's actualy an issue since the last patch. It should be a problem regardless of which addon you use. Perhaps some addons have already solved it though.

Here's the reported issue:

"As of WoW 4.0, cancelling buffs is a protected action, meaning that the default buff frame can do it, but addons have to use a more complex and not-yet-completely workable means to do that. I thought I had a workaround, but it was causing huge problems. Hopefully Blizzard gets us a better way to cancel buffs sooner than later, or I can fix a workaround that's decent. "

You can always type /cancelaura nameofbuff to remove a buff, might be good to know.

/cancelaura Divine Intervention should do the trick for you in situations like that.