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Energized addon

Energized is a neat addon I just found that's certainly worth a look! I was previously using BuffEnough which broke in this latest patch so this was a great find!
Inspired by the now discontinued add-on BuffEnough, Energized answers the simple question: "Am I buffed?" Energized functions as a LibDataBroker (LDB) feed whose icon changes depending on your disposition. The tooltip lists which buffs you're missing, along with who is likely to be responsible for the buff. Energized is optimized for max-level players, and primarily focuses on PvE (but also supports PvP content).

This addon even notifies you that maybe you shouldn't have your fishing hat equipped when say...healing on Marrowgar for example. Not that I'd ever do that...or would I? No I wouldn't...(yes I would).


Enmagi said...

I once healed 2 bosses w/o a helm at all, pretty full fail.

Speaking of gear, do you still have cloth bracers?

Niniel said...

Oh...I was gonna say "No I don't" but then I had a look at my armory and blinked twice ^^ I've forgotten to update my item set!

/equip item:50630;
/use shadowmeld;

Thanks for the pointer! Time to regem and reforge! :D

Enmagi said...

I have been having a fight with my stats and spec. I keep flip-flopping around about certain things. I know you said you like the changes but man, they are difficult for me to adjust to.

Regrowth has been our longest hot for the past 5 years and now it's our shortest.. I don't think druids are broken, just changed enough I need to relearn my class :-p

Niniel said...

The one thing I don't like is that you can only have Lifebloom on one target. The downside to that is that there's a spell in your rotation that's really wrong to cast on another target. I don't mind there being different spells that are more or less good in different scenarios but the Lifebloom mechanic makes it feel like you're healing and playing Minesweeper on Grid if you know what I mean? I could do without the stress of messing up Lifebloom in a pinch.

Efflorescence is just win and Wild growth and rejuv still works. Nourish and Healing Touch is just so slow now. It takes a while to get a feel for a working rotation. The other druid and I are doing well on the meters so far anyway so I can't complain about being broken.

Enmagi said...

yup, I'm doing well on the meters.. the first raid I did 15k+ hps on Blood queen. Far from broken, just takes some serious adjusting.

I can't tell you how many times I've made a lifebloom rolling on my tanks completely void by accidentally casting it on another tank or raid member. I had to rebind lifebloom to a different key to remind myself not to push it unless I'm targeting the tank I'm rolling on.
I've managed to avoid accidentally shifting into tree form before pulls but that's sheer willpower.

Niniel said...

Haha I've failed with tree form a couple of times already. Popping it when I arrived at the LK platform by default, popping it on Yogg+0 after cat form, dash and then waiting for the portal guys to arrive, cd wasted ^^