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My restoration druid talent builds at level 80

(I've noticed I still get some traffic for this post so I'd just like to refer you to a more up to date post about my dual spec and 3.1 talents.)

I've got a slight variation on 2 builds that I use when healing as a druid at level 80. One is for raid healing and the other for heroics. I'm not a Dreamstate healer or someone who likes to heal a lot with Healing Touch, I like to roll hots and my builds reflect this.

My builds differ by only 4 talent points and those are points that are left when I've got the talents I really want. They can go anywhere really, I choose to spend them like this:

Level 80 raiding resto druid
3 points in Replenish
Well why not, might as well replenish someone even if this talent needs to be improved. Good HPM for a self heal. Reading Phaelias article about this one made me actually consider it. Boss fights in raids tend to last longer than they do in instances so regen becomes more important.

1 point in Natural Perfection
1% crit is never terrible. Chance to trigger Nature's Grace and Living Seed.

Level 80 5 man resto druid
2 points in Nature's Reach
20% more range on Balance spells. Helpful for CC in instances with roots, cyclone and hibernate. You're more likely to use CC as a healer in a 5 man than in a raid at least according to my experiences.

2 points in Improved Tranquility
No threat and 60% cooldown reduction. Makes this a panic option to be used a bit more, nice when it affects the 5 people you want it to affect as well.


Enmagi said...

Yeah I went for replenish, it seems to proc more than the math I did suggested it would. (at least on myself)

I debated bout NP but I went with emp healing touch cuz I am always landing those last minute NS/HT saves on the tanks and I had had 2/2 empowered HT and I missed the bigger NS/HTs.. if I respecced again, I'd change it at this point I think, but it seems silly to respec for one point.

erumel said...

I wouldn't respec these builds between raids and instances, only if I'm already Balance and going for an instance as a healer and know that I'll be moonkin before I'll raid as resto again...if that makes any sense :)

Empowered HT is a good choice as well for NS/HT combos.

Anonymous said...

Replenish is "dreadful" as quoted by Ghostcrawler. That should be enough for all resto druids to skip this talent and apply them elsewhere at least until they buff the talent.

erumel said...

Well I did state that it needs to be improved and if you read the article I linked to it makes some sense in some context. Still, it's only a few points which I don't really see makes a huge impact if I spend them elsewhere.

I saw the post from Ghostcrawler calling it dreadful as well and that's promising!

Kiryn said...

My build is a mix of these. I went with 2 points in improved tranquility and 2/3 in replenish. I tend to use rejuv a lot more than other druids might, but I mainly do heroics and 10-man raids. That might have something to do with it.

I think Improved Tranquility is a pretty mandatory talent, but only because of that one time it saved my butt on Sarth when I kept the other healers up while not pulling aggro from the adds. The other two points though? They don't really matter. Put em wherever :P

erumel said...

Improved Tranquility isn't that great for me since I almost only do 25 man raids. The people in my group are very seldom the ones that needs to be saved the most and channeling something for so long to an exclusive group would often get someone else killed.

There are some cases where it's nice though but not enough to warrant two points for me.

Enmagi said...

Yeah I thought about imp tranquility but decided ultimately against it, because generally in a raid, if using tranquility is gonna pull me some aggro.. something's wrong. besides which fact, it hits hard, so if you barkskin tranquility, if you pull a little aggro as long as it's not a boss you might live through it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey i made this talent tree for my druid and friends at lvl 80


this gives a double bonus for intell which most staffs have u give up wild regrowth however u recieve an extra boost this is for single target heals like 5 mans or duel druid heal runs