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My raiding resto druid dual spec setup for 3.1

I'm going to setup my dual spec with a primary resto build that's usually assigned to the tanks but sometimes on the raid as well and a secondary AoE grind Moonkin build that doesn't care about +hit. Note that I've not delved deep into Elitist Jerks or such so if you're after mathematically sound proof of what the best build/glyph combo is I suggest you look there. I'm starting with what looks good to me and if it doesn't work I'll change it.

For resto I'm going to give my (14/0/57) build a twirl and see how it holds up to Ulduar. I've glyphed for Swiftmend of course and I'm thinking Nourish and Wild Growth will work for me. The Regrowth glyph has been a good one for tank healing but Nourish beats it now I think and since I'm sometimes raid healing and there will be AoE damage in Ulduar I'll boost my Wild Growth rather than Regrowth and get some more bang for Revitalize. The plan is to keep all stacks on the MT and boost with Nourish and throw Rejuvenation and Wild Growth in between on the raid.

I'll be trying (54/0/17) as a Moonkin AoE grind build that most probably won't be doing any instances. Because of that I've ignored +hit talents and I've picked up talents for AoE and glyphed for shorter cooldowns and more AoE damage.

I read Graylos post at Gray Matter about his different Balance specs and I learned from his points so I'm going to have to adjust my Moonkin spec a bit. I'm copying his spec except for 2 talent points. The new spec I'm going to use is (54/0/17)

Balance of Power which I skipped earlier is really too good to not pick up and I didn't think of skipping the DoT talents early in the tree which frees up other talents. Graylo suggests "the Solo/Farm Spec: (54/0/17) and it looks excellent. It picks up 3/3 on the Owlkin Frenzy though and I think Typhoon is too much fun to skip even if it's not that useful. I also like when things proc so I put the other point into Eclipse as well. I'm also heeding his advice on the glyphs where I drop Insect Swarm and instead use the Wrath one.


Anonymous said...

Is the Innervate glyph better or worse with the 3.1 spirit regen nerf?

Niniel said...

Well the patch notes say: "Spirit: The amount of mana regeneration granted by this stat has been reduced by 40%."

Innervate spell says:
"Increases the target's Spirit based mana regeneration by 400% and allows full mana regeneration while casting. Lasts 20 sec."

The talents such as Intensity has been buffed to compensate the spirit regen loss. This leads to that the out of combat mana regen has been nerfed the in combat mana regen should stay the same.

That should mean it's worse now because of the spirit regen unless the talents offset it which I'm not sure about.

What I am sure about is that you only need it if you are having mana troubles, otherwise there are better healing glyphs to choose from I think.

Emil Eliason said...

On the other hand, as spriit has been nerfed Innervate is more important than ever.

Niniel said...

Intensity was buffed though to compensate so that in-combat regen would stay roughly the same. It's really only the 5 second rule that's not as useful anymore.

I've so far fought Razorscale, Ignis, Deconstructor and Kologarn with the doubled Lifebloom cost and I'm still not in any mana trouble even without the Innervate glyph. Geared well enough I think it's not a problem at all.

If you are running out of mana all the time though then do take it as it surely will help you.