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Twilight Vanquisher Niniel

Tonight we got Sartharion down with three drakes! This would be our second or third night trying. Suddenly it all clicked after not seeing any progress for a while. I guess it all comes down to each individual learning to survive.

This would be my current title of choice

We also followed it up nicely with a one shot of heroic Malygos. That's Heroic Naxx, Sarth+3D and Malygos done in 7 hours this week. WTB more and harder raid content please.


Keeva said...

Hooray, grats! :)

Aertimus said...

Do you know WHY you got 3 drakes down tonight? Because we got 2 down! And you will always always be one step ahead of me!!!

: P


Keeva said...

Heehee.. when I read this post I thought, "I wonder if Aertimus got 2 down?"


erumel said...

Haha, thank you very much! Sorry Aertimus, it just happens, it's nothing that I plan for ;)

erumel said...

Congratulations on getting 2 drakes down as well of course! =) Hectic fight isn't it?