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Current focus

My current focus is split between earning more money in AH for fun, finish questing in Storm Peaks, working on Sons of Hodir reputation, finding the last book in Dalaran for the awesome arcane pet, clearing all 25 man raid content every week, earning my fourth valorous T7 piece and hopefully getting Sartharion down with three drakes up soon.

Not much focus on fishing, gathering herbs or doing heroics lately. I'm guessing that when I'm done with Icecrown I might go into a serious achievement mode and finish some Outland heroics. I finished them all back when it mattered but sadly the game didn't pick that up. I did 2-man heroic Blood Furnace and Sethekk Halls recently and it was pretty fun. I might even do some PvP....just maybe.

I'll probably try and get some Onyxia and Zul Gurub action going as well. I'd love some stealth runs for Anzu and the raven mount!

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