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My first Cataclysm 25 man raid


I've been slacking on updates here lately but I've just been busy playing the game instead of writing about it, I'm allowed to do that you know :)

So what's been happening? My druid is 85 and I've done most heroic 5 mans now except Grim Batol and Throne of the Tides. I'm done questing through Hyjal, Deepholm, Uldum and I just started in Twilight Highlands, I'm saving the underwater zone for last. I've maxed out fishing, first aid, herbalism and alchemy. My DK is almost lvl 81 from jewelcrafting dailies alone, his inscription is around 510 and my mage has tailoring up to 500 and enchanting somewhere around 485 or so. I've levelled a worgen hunter and a goblin mage through the starting zones, I love those!

I spent around 14k gold the first few days on leveling these tradeskills (expensive raw material) but now I've got that back and I'm about +8k gold since the expansion hit. My main source of income has been prospecting Elementium Ore and selling cut and uncut gems from that. I switched to transmutation spec on alchemy so I've also transmuted some Volatile Life to Volatile Air and sent my Truegold to the guild bank on it's cooldowns for raiding gear to the guild.

My guild has been raiding 10 mans for quite a while now but last night was my first signup and it turned out there were enough of us to form a 25 man raid. On 10 man the guild progress is 11/12 and last night we got to 5/12 on 25 man. That's nice progress for our first evening I'd say. The general opinion seemed to be that 25 man raiding was easier than 10 man. More margin for individual mistakes, enraging bosses needing to run around longer before finishing everyone off leading to more dps time, things like that.

We started with an easy Argaloth kill in Baradin Hold then went to Bastion of Twilight and got Halfus Wyrmbreaker and then Valiona & Theralion down (forgot to take a screenshot of them).

After that we went to Blackwing Descent. Now that is a nice environment!

Magmaw was the first boss that we did. Impressive scenery here as well!

Magmaw down!

Next up was Omnitron Defense System!

We rounded off with a close one on Maloriak!

I think the fights were all fun ones, I probably like Valiona & Theralion the most and Halfus the least. It's a bit confusing going in blind on some fights as I hadn't read up on all abilities or strategies. At least I never died on a fight that wasn't a wipe so I managed to dodge everything that was dangerous. I ended up pretty low on healing done on all fights but I'm still in blues and I was quite conservative on spells as I held back in order to save mana. I wasn't sure how long the fights would be and I didn't want to run OOM. As long as the boss goes down and people are alive I'm happy! :)

Tonight depending on signups we might continue on 25 man or switch to two 10 mans, I'm hoping to get as many new bosses down as possible and maybe I'll get some shiny epics as well!

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