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Pre heroic outfit

Having reached 85 last night, it's now time to sort out gear with gems and enchants. There's a helpful guide at Elitist Jerks to aid with this.

I've done all of the new normal instances at least once and they're all great I think. The first instances had me drinking Starfire Espresso between every trash pull and boss fights ending with 0,1% mana left and potions and Innervate on CD. I finally got into the new mindset where you don't toss a rejuv as soon as someone takes any kind of damage but the new gear also helped a lot. I'll see if my opinion changes when I try the heroic versions.

By now I have got mostly 333 blue items, the lowest items being a green chest and epic bracers from Halion 25H. I can't say that I miss the Outlandish clown gear! I've also never been a fan of tight pants on my druid so I really like these current ones I'm sporting!


Enmagi said...

you remind me of magi, but with purple hair :)

I've been doing heroics for a little while now, lifebloom is your friend!

Tree form is the new mana saving CD.. throw those LB until you get OOC to toss Regrowth.

Almost every fight on heroic is a race against your mana. I find it fun! it is like teaching me how to be a more efficient healer.

Did you notice that thorns cost 6.7k mana? that is just craziness.

Oh and I love the little mushrooms, I build a little triangle before the fight and hide behind them (they are free to pop and super cute)

Niniel said...

Heya! I've run heroic Stonecore, Halls of Origination and Deadmines so far and it went well. It helps when you go with ├╝ber guild mates!

I setup Powerauras last night to show Omen of Clarity, I have never bothered with that one before but now it's sort of needed. I like the new change as well! It's fun to conserve resources (to some extent at least). Oh I hadn't thought about thorns, I throw it at the start on some fights and sometimes get time to drink a Starfire Espresso before I'm in combat. I have to try the mushrooms :D