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That's A Lot of Bait

My guild did a fishing raid last night in order to get the guild achivement [That's A Lot of Bait]. The reward from that is the very useful [Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast].

It was arranged as a one hour competition where the winner with the most pools fished during that time won 2k gold from the guild bank. People kept fishing beyond the raid and that hour though and eventually we got it! We started at something like 4800 fish caught so we got 5200 fish in one day! Tracking the achievement and seeing the counter increase every second is a great motivator when doing this one!

Guild chat exploded like if we had downed a raid boss and people called for heroism in the end! I think it's a nice thing to do together and having people work together like this helps out with team building! :)


Natalie said...


Niniel said...

Thank you! :)

Eraina said...

Congratulations! Wish my guild did things like this, but they just expect everyone to do it in their spare time which makes it incredibly boring.

Ardent Defender said...

Congratulations on the achievement and the recipe. Thats awesome!!

Out guild is so far away that it will take quite a while. And of the forty something people in out guild all the fish from pools is currently mostly done by just 2 people, yet the rest of the guild hopes they will get the achievement eventually. Tough task that is. Sounds like a awesome effort your guild did coming together to get the achievement.

I wondered how many people in your guild actually participated in the event?

Niniel said...

Thanks! :)
We had a full 25 man raid fishing for one hour during the event and then 10-15 people or so continued for several hours until we got it.

Good luck!

Beruthiel said...

I liked this so much that I borrowed the idea! Here's hoping enough people want to spend their Friday night fishing :)

I came up with some great prizes, including 10,000 gold for the top fisherperson!

Niniel said...

Good luck! We actually had 3 people get the turtle mount during this time and a couple of Polymorph Turle books "dropped" too. Nice rewards that too!

Sephrenia said...

Hey Niniel,

I love this - it's a great thing and I want to repeat it for my guild. Can you tell me how you tracked who fished the most?


Seph xx

Niniel said...

Heya Seph!

In our case it was actually honesty based ^^ The true goal was getting the achievement done and the gold reward was just a small carrot. If you want to have more control I think you could use the statistics tab in the Achievement UI. There's a 'Fish Caught' and 'Fish & other caught' or something that you can check on Armory just or have people state their numbers at the start and send screenshots at the end of the contest.