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The missing question in the Dungeon Finder tool

The Dungeon Finder asks you two questions:
  1. What role you would like to play?
  2. What instance would you like to run?
I wish there was a third question asking me
  • How do you want to run it?
What I mean by this is that I think there are different minded players with different expectations on how their dungeon experience should be. Some people are result oriented, wanting a smooth daily run for loot and badges. Some people are content oriented, maybe learning a new class on an alt and would prefer a slower pace just to get a grip with things. Expectations can naturally shift depending on mood and current character played.

I got the idea when I did the Library in Scarlet Monastery recently in a PUG on my warlock. It was a very different experience from running it in 2006 on my druid. I realize heirlooms and skills have changed the game but I don't find much fun in pulling 3-4 groups at once all the time and just going AoE on the place. There was no room for finesse, just mob slaughter with patrols and runners all over and no control, no need for control. Perhaps you're not like me at all but I think it's more fun when you play and need to pay some attention to details. Regardless that our gear was good I would have liked to go a bit slower even though we obviously could destroy the place like we did. It's just a matter of what style I prefer.

My idea for the "What kind of run do you want" could have possible choices like the following (obviously the phrasing needs some polish):
  • I don't care about how it's run, I just want to run it.
  • I prefer a slower pace and would like to use some cc.
  • I'd like a fast run where we nuke and aoe the place, I'm after the loot & badges.
If you don't choose an option then you could belong to the same pool of players who don't care either but if you choose the slow style then you won't be grouped up until a slow group can be formed. I see stuff like appreciation for quests, lore and content on one side and appreciation for quick execution and speed on the other. Maybe it's casual vs elitist, slow vs fast, CC vs AoE. Whatever it is I'm sure a group will be happier if all members are on the same side of the expectation scale and choices like this in the Dungeon Finder tool would likely improve the experience for most members in a PUG.

There could be choices for preferences on the social interaction as well.
  • Gear score means everything and I'd like lots of abuse in the run.
  • I don't care if people talk or not during the run.
  • I don't mind rude people as long as the run is smooth and people play well.
  • I'd prefer some friendly banter while running the instance.
  • I think it's important to be patient and polite.
Just a thought. It's almost like a friend finder service, you put a few details on your dungeon profile and you're matched with people you're more likely to have a good time with.


Niniel said...


Forreststump said...

Let us consider the ICC healing/damage/health buff. What if something similar could be instituted in the various 5-mans, increasing the health and damage output (and level - thereby changing the attack table mechanics, in BOTH directions) of the mobs, in return for some increased reward?

I wouldn't think it would be that difficult to dial up +10% health/+10% damage/+2 levels on demand for an instance. After all, we have the option of turning off the ICC buff if we wish. The raid instance can function in multiple ways.

Dialing up difficulty on demand? THAT would make 5-mans of ANY level more interesting and engaging.

Forreststump said...

Addendum: The obvious downside to any additional criteria is longer time required to make matches for groups due to additional variables in the equeation.

Forreststump said...

...and my spelling sucks (see: equeation).

Niniel said...

I like the thought of being able to tweak the instace a bit harder if you like a challenge! Everything doesn't have to be either easy or near impossible.

I see the point of the additional criteria increasing the wait time though that would be a reasonable trade off if you get the kind of group you want. If you want to go now you have the option of 'I don't care what kind of run it is'. I'm thinking that people who care about the quality of the run wouldn't mind waiting a bit and would greatly appreciate that kind of option.

Spelling is fine, thanks for your input and comments! ;)

Enmagi said...

I think if you care what kind of run you have, you run with guildies. The assumption in a pug is that people want to get in and out as quickly as possible. this is sad, but I think that's just how it goes.

when i feel the urge to have a more challenging run, I will heal as a boomkin or heal half naked or whatever.

The boomkin bit can be fun in pugs, out dpsing the dpsers as the haeler >.<

Niniel said...

Yes you could make it harder by reducing your gear or going offspec but I really think that a PUG would work great if you unified it on expectations.