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An alien mindset

Some people really astonish me. I don't PUG much but today I got my first GS insult on my alt which reveals an attitude that's very foreign to me.

First of all, my dk has some weird distribution of gear. I've got crafted 245 chest and bracers, the 251 Kirin Tor ring and a mixture of 200 to 245 BoE and BoP epics. I haven't played that much with him since he hit 80, just a couple of heroics so I'm still in terrible green quest trinkets and blue 175 boots. This gives me 4311 GS largely due to the fail trinkets. I still do somewhere around 3500 dps anyway on a single target boss and have a decent rotation.

We're having a smooth run in Forge of Souls PUG, no deaths and all is fine. The tank holds before the last boss and asks us to wait, he wants to try something. Some time passes and I jokingly say "Are we going to bore him to death? =)" which there's no trace of malice in, at least not in my world. To this the tank brilliantly responds "shut it 4k gs". I mean wow...you must be really insecure if you have so much to prove in a game on a comment like that. I say "haha relax this is just an alt." and get the reply "so is this" which means what? I should be ashamed that I haven't decked out my alt yet in max level epics? I apologize, I haven't played him very much since I'm busy raiding 25 man heroic ICC on my main (I didn't say that, I didn't say anything more since I couldn't see this discussion leading anywhere).

To me, gear score just reflects the content you've done. It says nothing else. It seems the only thing gear score does is prevent people from making progress and having fun together. The only way I can understand people talking about gear score is that it must have to do with actively choosing the path of least resistance. You can't be very skilled when you have no tolerance for failure and want the rewards but care nothing for the challenge. Pull faster, pull more, zerg, aoe, gief loot! Then what? When you've maxed out your gear, are you done? Was it fun? What's the point? If that was what you were after you could just have bought a max character and saved yourself the trouble of getting there. If it's respect and adoration you want then I'm sorry, you lost all respect the moment you were rude to a stranger. I guess I can't understand why someone who tries so hard to impress others and therefore obviously cares what others think about him (I say him because I think this is a male testosterone thing) starts out with insults at first contact.

Penny Arcade got it right:

Normal person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Fuckwad


Rohan said...

Eh? He probably took your first statement badly, and responded. To him, you started the insults first, even if you didn't mean to. Or maybe he was just responding in kind with a similar joking manner.

A general rule of thumb is that if you need to put a smiley on a statement, that statement is open to misinterpretation, and is probably a bad idea in a group of strangers.

For example, if the tank had said, "shut it 4k gs :)" would that have made everything okay?

Niniel said...

Hmm, that's a good point. I guess I rely too much on the smiley to show that I meant no harm. My reaction and this whole post comes from the surprise of a hostile reaction to a statement followed with a smiley. Since it was open to interpretation I considered the smiley would make sure my intent was understood.

It's just all easy to misinterpret in text with no facial expressions or tone of voice.

Actually for me it would have been ok if he'd said that, then it would have been obvious to me that he wasn't serious.

I think I'll just follow your advice and lay low with smiley comments.

Softi said...

I think I probably would have been a bit put out by that comment too to be honest!

I don't get why people are so elitest with anything - and I'm not *just* talking about wow. I bet those that talk down to the likes of me who doesn't raid so hasn't got a great gearscore would also be the sort to talk down to me in real life about whatever was going on too.

Human nature... it's damn annoying if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

Your Dk needs a bosot in ICC nini :D Now if only you could find some willing helpers ;p

Niniel said...

@Softi: I don't get it either. There's so much to prove I suppose.

@Sash: Please boost me! ;)

Maybe we should have a new Internet ISO standard where you finish your statements with a + or - sign meaning "I mean this in a good way" or "I mean this in a bad way".

Enmagi said...

my poor paladin has a terribad gs. I've gotten in a few raids so she has some half decent gear half terrible gear for both specs.

my guildies grief me on my awful gear, but they are just teasing. No one else has really bothered me yet. ('cept when I outhealed some of my former guildies with the boa mace on in their icc >.<) The nice thing about running with people you know is they might give you a hard time but they know your main :)

pugging 5 mans I have had mixed results. The most confusing thing for me happened last night. I got nexus and things were fine; I was chain pulling and the druid was keeping up, even pulling groups ahead of me and I'd pick it up.. but we got to the boss and an extra group appeared.. so we wiped as we were all silenced, ran back and it happened again, the healer left midfight. one of the dps told me the healer had pulled the group, and it blew my mind. Why would you do such a dick thing?

so we got a new healer and we get back to the boss and the hunter does the same thing, pulls them and leaves group. I have no idea what was wrong, as it was a very smooth run until the boss. I simply can't understand the logic behind doing something like that.

Very good point by Rohan about the smileys. I definitely overuse them and my statements are often misconstrued.

I wouldn't have understood your statement to be a joke either had I been tanking but I doubt I'd have been rude about it, I'd just explain the holdup.

Enmagi said...

or perhaps you should send them to look at the following:


they raid in all blues.


Niniel said...

Mmm, it's one thing that people are rude but actually ruining for others is beyond my comprehension.

I must be spoiled by guild banter because there it's so obvious that we're just kidding. I'll just be more careful in PUGs from now on.

Yeah I'm usually reading what Gevlon is up to, it's impressive!