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Donkeyboy - Sometimes

All these thoughts come to my head...

But sometimes I need somebody who can make me feel alright
Shades me from the streetlight
I’m breaking up
I need someone who needs somebody now

This song puts me in a fantastic mood!


Enmagi said...

I approve again :)

Niniel said...

I'm glad :)

Enmagi said...

I can't decide if I like this one or Ambitions more.
The music video of Ambitions is something else; ah the 80s...
I don't understand how Tobias Mead can move his body like that.. particularly the collarbone swing thing he does..

Niniel said...

I love Ambitions as well! I love his entry at 2:20 and I think I could go all night like he does at 2:44 :D

Enmagi said...

lol that's some dance skill at 2:44.. >.<

as much as I'm not into his hairstyle in either video, the guy that plays synth is cute :-p

The girl is cute too, her voice reminds me of someone.. Florence maybe?

Niniel said...

He makes some funny looks into the camera :b

She's just adorable, I can't place the voice but I know I like it!

Enmagi said...

I heard blade running and was convinced I wanted the CD. I can't remember the last time I bought an actual CD...

It's being shipped from who knows where. I would have prefered to get the mp3s directly but apparently neither Amazon nor the US iTunes have them. (I think it's silly that they have different music on the US/European etc versions of iTunes.. if they have it somewhere, they should allow you to buy it anywhere, imo!)

Niniel said...

I agree, it should be obtainable from everywhere. Everyone over here is using Spotify though which is awesome! (http://www.spotify.com/se/about/what/)

Hope you get your CD soon!