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Toon Rank #13 on GuildOx!

Any chance this can be correct? It seems I'm ranked #2 by gear score on the Alliance side and #13 overall for my realm according to GuildOx.

Kilrogg EU Gearscore

If we for a moment ignore the awesome guild of Barbarians that are a special breed then I'm not in a bad position. Not that I care! Oh well, I do care a bit I guess. It's sort of fun to be ranked high on a list even though it's based on something completely arbitrary as item level and not skill. At least it says I'm there to see bosses go down so I probably contribute a bit and I'm lucky with RNG getting my gear fairly quickly which means I raid often enough which probably means I'm doing a good job since I get to go and that should indicate at least some skill. So there! :b


Enmagi said...

guildox has me top of my guild with 6092 gear score. so according to guildox you have better gear than me :)
curiously according to wow-heroes your gs is lower than mine. (I'm at 3302 and you're at 3291)

It just makes you wonder exactly how they weight different things to come up with these numbers anyhow :)

I was completely unaware of gear score until probably about 6 months ago.. seems to have grown and is now all the rage in wow. I still think it's not the gear score you have it's how you use it ;)

Niniel said...

That's well put, it's what you make of your gear score that matters of course :) Gear Score Efficiency (GSE) is the real deal :b

It could be I recently got a 277 head piece and wow-heroes wasn't updated. It's also likely that the formula is dependent of number of items and you're using a staff and I've got main hand/offhand so that changes things if it's calculating item level per number of items.

I can see a slight problem if people are skipping several raid tiers going from quest greens at 80 to T10 25 and can't meet key values in terms of dps/hps/tank gear for encounters. I'd never use gear score to judge a person in heroic 5 mans though. You're supposed to do that content to get the gear anyway. As long as people know their class all is fine regardless of item level.

Enmagi said...

I find the whole thing rather curious.
I know personally I'm significantly more likely to judge a person based on the guild that they are in vs the gear that they wear. but I'm unlikely to judge a person before I've run w/them anyway.
I think the perk of being a healer is if you're pugging, you have control over the healing.. which is a major part of the run going well.. a good healer makes every pug reasonable. the worst pugs I've been in had seriously awful healers or seriously awful tanks. I've never really had a bad pugging experience.. always just an adventure.