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Heroic 25 updates

I thought I'd take a moment to report on our progress on heroic 25 ICC. There hasn't really been any visual difference in the screenshots of most heroic kills so I haven't felt it was very spectacular to report on. I'm a bit surprised by my own mental shift in opinion of how hard the encounters initially were and how much more doable they feel now. It started with me thinking heroic Marrowgar was insanely hard on 10 man to us just getting them done on 25 man now.

By now we've cleared the Crimson Hall, got Marrowgar, Gunship, Rotface and Valithria down. Festergut is the current target and we've had a few 1-2% wipes on him so it would be expected that we can get him down tomorrow night with good signups.

Yes I have 3 fps on this kill

If you're looking for Emerald Vigor on heroic Valithria you need to look for Twisted Nightmares which is the replacement spell. Having healers move in groups of two seemed to work rather well but the hard part was communicating which cloud to leave for the last second before leaving the portal.

There's a green spot on the ground of Festergut where the incoming green ball will land so that helps a lot now.

My guild got the ICC 10 man drake finished last night so now the hunt for those achievements begins for me as well. I think focus will be 25 mans leaving 10 mans for offnights where it will be possible to scoop these up.


Enmagi said...

gratz on all that updating :) I'd been seeing it on your RSS feed, but good to finally see an update.

I would mention that a fight like marrowgar is significantly harder on 10 man because there's less people.

For the healy dragon, we assigned healers to left/right sides in regression but in my new guild they do it by quadrants, front right, front left, back right, back left given that there's less clouds on heroic, I'm not sure how well that'd work or not.

I won't see it anytime soon on 25s though, we're still wiping on lk >.< Got 9 of them Kingslayers in the 10 man on Wednesday, so that's promising.

Niniel said...

Thanks! :)

Yeah I think we need some sort of plan for the portals and not leave it up to chance.

Good luck, hope you get him down!

Enmagi said...

we have the same 4 ppl going in each time, and they stand next to their portals before they spawn, claiming them as their portal. At one point we were marking the ppl so you could easily see if another portal healer was standing at or near your portal.

Niniel said...

Yeah that's a good idea! We claim our own clock zone (like I'm usually 3 o'clock) and we use raid marks on healers to avoid portal theft as well.