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3 fictional characters to describe you!

Here's a fun thought! Choose any three fictional characters that display properties that reflect your traits and personality and explain why they are like you. In other words, which three made up characters combined do you think best describe you? It can be characters from any comic, movie, book, play or game that you like and it doesn't have to be all positive qualities!

Besides working, raiding and working out which all in all takes about 64 hours per week I also like to watch some series. Recently I've mowed through 4 seasons of Friday Night Lights while being ill, I'm currently sweeping through Gossip Girl (don't laugh at me, I may have a crush on Blake Lively) and I keep up to date with House, Heroes, How I met your mother, Big Bang Theory, Dexter, the Mentalist, Flashforward, 30 Rock and Flight of the Conchords among others.

Since my mind is currently so filled up by these series I'm going to choose among these to find my candidates. I guess I could delve into games and find some likeable characters that suits me too but I've got my mind made up already.
  • Ted Mosby of How I met your mother for his hopeful romantic outlook on life.

  • Gregory House of House M.D. for being a tortured soul with good intent and being dedicated to doing what he does well.

  • Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory for his interests, being logical but not committed to social excellence and knowing a lot but still not understanding the ways of the world.
Please go ahead and make your own blog posts or comments about this if you think it's a fun idea! :)


Enmagi said...

My three would probably be:
Gregory House from House for being sarcastic, brutally honest, curious about puzzles and resolving them (oh and being good at what he does)

Codex from The Guild for wanting to believe the best in people, for trying hard to make ppl happy and for being ever so slightly socially awkward/neurotic :)

Garion from the Belgariad for being completely unaware of certain things around him which involve him(be it innocence or naivete or what have you), being in the middle of everything and meaning well.

Niniel said...

Sounds like an interesting blend :)

So 2/3 are male characters, not that personalities should be gender specific. Do you think there's a lack of interesting female characters in fiction?

I think Jade from Beyond Good & Evil is one of the more interesting game characters I've come across. Callo Merlose in Vagrant Story also seems pretty cool even though she's not that huge in the story.

Enmagi said...

nah, there's plenty of interesting females in fiction.

I tend not to relate to them as much I think because I'm not excessively girly.

My original list was 3 men, I replaced Peter from Heroes with Codex.

I considered replacing Garion with Alana from the Song of the Lioness books but didn't figure you would have read those :) (author is Tamora Pierce) I read them around the same time as the Belgariad and reread them many many times.

I don't know either of the women you have listed.

The strongest character relation was and is by far House. I asked my roommate for advice with this and House was the first character that popped out of both our mouths.

Niniel said...

House is truly a great character! :)
I'm going to have to check up on Song of the Lioness.

I wouldn't say Jade or Callo are particularly deep personalities, just interesting. It's probably pretty hard to make characters in games as strong as in books or movies. Too little dialogue in contrast to game mechanics.

Enmagi said...

I noticed a typo- it should be Alanna.
Been rereading these books and I simply can't put them down.. they aren't extremely well written they are definitely books for a younger audience but I dunno.. I love it :)

I'm a little disappointed no one else jumped on the bandwagon with this 3 fictional characters thing.. it's a curious little endeavor.

Niniel said...

Well, I had an idea and I gave it a shot anyway :)