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The Frozen Throne (25 player)

As I expected from our progress last night, this evening provided us with The Frozen Throne (25 player)

I think we got him on the second try of the evening so there was time to finish off this weeks 10 man as well which meant I got to down him once more tonight.

Onwards to heroic!


Enmagi said...

Gratz! good luck on hardmodes.

Kae said...

Awesome, congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Nin. Bit of a shock to see RK get it last week and Anarchy this week, but well done!

Goodluck with HM's, up to 8/12 is very easy :)


Niniel said...

Thank you! :)

Well we're pretty even Waffles, the balance of power sways ;)

Hope all is well!

Keredria said...

Huge congrats! Woot!

Anonymous said...

Enmagi - how much do you prefer resto over boomkin? ;p We'd probably be very interested in a boomkin primary spec, with healer offspec! (We being Nini's guild, Anarchy)


Niniel said...

Thanks Keredria! :)

That would be great if Enmagi would be interested but I can imagine the time zone difference from US being a problem?

Anonymous said...

That makes me sad niniel. I wanted a new person to harass :D Especially when it comes to healing my pets.


Enmagi said...

Pretty attached to healing, sorry :)

If I did the math correctly, you guys raid at what is 12:30 am - 4:30 am for me :) now.. while my schedule is free at this time.. I kinda sleep through half your raids :)

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be guilded w/Niniel :) actually approachable, nice guy.. willing to share info with the general public.. I've been the only tree for ages and the other druid in Regression wasn't overly approachable. Besides.. he likes the Belgariad.. and his taste in music is impeccable :)

as an update, I've apped to an off server guild, vent interview on Sunday.

Niniel said...

Wow, thanks! :)

Raiding on those hours would be kind of overly hardcore ^^

Good luck on your app and interview!

Enmagi said...

lol only *slightly* hardcore..

I can only imagine the ms I'd get being 5 time zones away too >.<

Thanks, I'll need it, I aimed high :)