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Mixed updates

The guild reached 11/12 of ICC 10 heroic this weekend. They even managed a realm first of Sindragosa. I've gotten 5/12 down so far, the first three and Rotface and Festergut.

Believe it or not but tonight we actually had a 10,6% wipe on Lich King 25 man ^^
That was brutal (you win the fight at 10% if you don't know already). I was second last to die and did some Moonfire spamming in the end but it didn't quite help. I do think we will get him down soon now, we're getting more and more stable into the end of the fight.

I had a fun conversation with an in-game friend about whether or not we've let people at our workplace know that we play. Personally I don't hide it, there are some others that play and it's fun to talk about raids and lore and I occasionally use some wallpapers on my computer that let my habit show. My friend though is secretive about it. He's my favorite mage and has been around since 2006 raiding all content since Karazhan up to current content. He told me this:
A girl that works for me just started enthusing about how great WoW was and how I should play it - she's level 8 already - I let her talk :)
Oh wow, you didn't mention you play?
No - I asked lots of noob questions :] At one point she said another colleague played but she was obsessed and had a character who was like lvl 37 or something - I said "wow that must have taken months" with a straight face :)

What about you, do you hide playing, just don't bother to mention it but won't deny it if asked or do you talk about it all the time? Is it irrelevant or are you worried about being "branded" a WoW-player at work?

I've also rolled a baby horde shadow priest on EU-Turalyon as I want at least one character to level and see the horde side of things. She's level 17 now and has already amassed about 250g from AH business :) I've joined a guild as a pure social member and they seem to have a really nice and funny atmosphere. Here's an excerpt from the guild chat:
[warrior] Do you warlocks have a chat channel?
[mage] stupidcrapclass
[hunter] /join nohealthstone
[mage] /join worse_than_mages_4eva
[warlock] /join Do_Lich_King_without_us
[mage] warlocks = emo mages
[rogue] qft

I just love friendly banter :)


Gowron said...

Well, I have on collague I know who plays, and we frequently talk about it.

But it gets more interesting, I am a teacher, and some of my students know I play, just like them.

...nOOb, you aggro-ed the teacher... I hope they nerf his lessons...

Kae said...

Ohh my goodness, that is so close! My guild was ranting for a while about our own 0.8% wipe to Lanathel, 0.6% on Arthas has got to be frstrating!

Hopefully you'll be able to get back in there tonight or next week and claim his throne for yourselves :)

Niniel said...

Your students must think you're the coolest teacher around! :)
They need to grind and powerlevel their skills.

I bet a wipe like that was frustrating to some. There was a lot of laughter on Vent during that wipe though. To be honest I try to not react with feelings like frustration on wipes or when raiding at all because that usually leads to a cycle where you lose energy for each wipe and can become annoyed. For me it was more a feeling of excitement wondering if we would get him down or not and when we didn't I at least knew that we are close and will get him soon.

You have the choice to either ask "why why why?" and get the answer "because, because, because" or just keep at it doing the best you can until everyone gets it right. I think a patient mindset like that helps a lot with long term raiding and will keep drama out of the raids.

Besides, wiping that close to a kill takes skill! :)

It would have been awesome to kite him up to the throne and trigger the last phase with a well timed Moonfire as the last player standing but it was not to be. I'm patiently awaiting the night now ^^

Enmagi said...

I carefully avoid letting my students know.. I'm already a cool teacher and I'm around their age or younger than them so.. they don't need more of an excuse to try and brown-nose, beg or get chummy w/me.

My coworkers (other professors) know though, but for the most part they don't know enough to give me crap for it.

Have you guys not downed lk on 25 yet?

*inc sad news* We downed him week before last week, and were rewarded w/the news that 2 of the 3 of our officers were done.. they gave us 2 more weeks that they'd raid but we raided last week tuesday/thursday and got 3 or 4 hardmodes before ppl started xfering off.

I'm currently deciding what to do w/myself. I am on spring break so I've been farming, leveling an alt and trying to decide the fate of my druid :) I'm in a very good 10 man, and if they are willing to continue, I might stay for a while and only do 10s. If I want to raid 25s in an environment that was similar to/at the same progression as where I was though, I'd have to xfer off, or faction xfer.

Sounds like you guys are very close though. I remember when we got him on 10 man I was unaware that he wiped the raid and I was like oh crap, we were so close and now we're all instantly dead :( It's hard as a healer to be aware of how close you are on an attempt sometimes because you don't generally target the boss.

Niniel said...

No, we've so far only got him down on 10 man.

I can understand that people that have been wanting to quit for a while held out to finish the story arc by getting Arthas down.

Good luck whatever you decide for your druid!

It's a lot like hitting an enrage if you're not prepared for it :)