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In the Darkness he feeds...

Since we had an off-night from official raiding tonight we went to settle some unfinished business in Ulduar 10 man instead!

Alone in the Darkness! Thank you Kae for your nice guide!

We also one shot Algalon but didn't expect this one:
He feeds on your tears

It's a lot of fun to come back to Ulduar now after some time has passed. It made me realize just how very nicely designed it is. I appreciate the amount of work that has been put into it and can only hope that Cataclysm will bring the same kind of atmosphere and imaginative encounters! I think Black Temple and Ulduar would be my two favorite raid instances overall.


Enmagi said...

what is the mod you are using to get your specific cooldowns showing next to your grid?
Gratz btw.

Niniel said...


The addon above Grid is CooldownWatch:

It seems the author has quit wow but it's been updated to 3.3 here: (my old one is still working though weirdly enough)

The bar below Grid is SexyCooldown

I know it's reduntant with two addons for cooldowns like that. I did intend to have less important ones below like trinket procs etc but I've got some duplicates left.

Enmagi said...

oo this timer makes me happy :)
I've been wanting an addon that does exactly this. Thanks again :)