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Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.


You have earned the title 'Niniel the Kingslayer'

No questions remain unanswered. No doubts linger. The greatest fighting force this world has ever known was delivered to the Lich king and in the end, by one final blessing, it was finally over.

Good news everyone!
It was decided that there would be no official 10 man runs to ICC this raid reset as focus was to be on the 25 man mode. We got a group together and spent this friday raid off night clearing 11/12 bosses in ICC 10 which took us 3 hours and then got some practice wipes on the Lich King on saturday night. We spent 8 wipes on sunday 25 man for our first visit to him there and 16 wipes on monday 25 man where we learned to get into P3 without much trouble and in a controlled manner.

Tonight we didn't have the signups to make any meaningful attempts so we were supposed to get more practice and experience from our 10 mans. Well we got more than practice, there was a title to be had as well! :D


The fight from my simplified point of view:
P1 is a triangle formation where you run and spread Nectrotic Plague to the offtank adds. I focused on healing both of the tanks and helped out on Infest. We had a paladin healing the tanks and a priest shielding the raid. The tanks take huge chunks of damage so besides max stacked HoTs, well timed Swiftmend works really good.

P2 is positioned on the outer circle in three groups where you bring the spirits to the tank and then return to your position. This is basic raid healing with rejuvenation mostly.

P3 starts by running in on Quake being cast, don't run into any orbs on the way back as they will probably throw you off and kill you. Stay in the general middle area, run off if defiled and return to the raid, follow the MT and the boss at all times. The MT can take huge burst damage here so keep all HoTs going and spam.

P4 same as P2.

P5 is about staying spread and avoiding spirits and still avoiding Defile and we moved the boss back and forth from north to south here. A time for much spamming on the MT.

It took us 14m and 33s to get him down. We actually got him down the second time we ever saw P5 so having tried the 25 man before I can say that phase 4 and 5 isn't that hard. I do realize though that I'm spoiled rotten with awesome tanks, insane dps and godlike fellow healers.

Now I stand, the lion before the lambs...and they do not fear.

Onwards to 25 man!


Enmagi said...

ooo gratz!

our attempts were cut short because our tank had to leave but we saw him down to like 30% in our 10 man.

25's we're consistently getting to p3 and making progress on it, so it's just a matter of time I think. Tank damage very spikey like you say.

I managed to get enough badges to buy my 4th piece of t10. I think I'm gonna play with it tonight and see what the jumps look like and whatnot.

Gratz again! Don't forget to watch the cinematic in the center of Dalaran :)

Niniel said...

Thank you!
Grats on your 4 set, I need some more badges before I'm there!

Yeah, the cinematic is really great! :)

Enmagi said...

oo.. Enmagi the Kingslayer!

had to follow in your footsteps :)

Niniel said...

Congratulations! That has a nice ring to it! :D