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Sindragosa down!

Alliance first and realm second for The Frostwing Halls (25 player)!

It was my first time seeing Sindragosa and we managed to get her down on the fifth attempt of the evening. All in all I'd say Putricide is worse. I died early on the first try so I got to study the strategy up close without worrying about dying and after that I felt I had a good grasp on what to do.


Supernose said...

Congrats on the kill! But I'm more impressed by your apparent 48k gold.


Enmagi said...

Gratz! We got her too.
I hated this fight at first because of my low fps. I bound travel form and tree form to easier to hit buttons and I stopped dying to the aoe.

In other good news, my computer parts arrived and I'm installing all needed programs as we speak. I'm very curious to see what raiding will be like on this beast of a machine :) it's sooo much better than my last computer.

Niniel said...

Thank you! :)

There's more on my alts though! ;) It's just the result of a years worth of diligent glyph posting with Quick Auctions and some Jewelcrafting/enchanting business. I've made about 180k gold from that but I've spent a lot on things like the chopper, traveler tundra mammoth, Epic BoE's and Kirin Tor rings for alts.

Grats on the kill Enmagi! Oh, looking to forward to hear from your performance report! If it helps a lot I may have to upgrade as well! :)