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Anarchy vs the Lich King

My guild mate Anarinn frapsed our 10 man kill of Arthas and made a cool video out of it so if anyone is interested please watch it here: Anarchy vs The Lich King By Anarinn - World of Warcraft Movies


Enmagi said...

nice video :) thanks for sharing

Kae said...

Ohh epic. I love his choice of music :) Thank you for linking this!

We're struggling with not having stuns in our raid for the vrykul ladies :(

(your hunter's aspect mod is very cool!)

Niniel said...

Yeah he's done an awesome job editing and choosing music!

It's so cool to be able to go back and see the first kill like this.

I'm pretty sure he's using the OPie addon for the aspects: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9094-OPie.html. I use it myself for mage portals, tradeskills etc. It's very nice and convenient, it saves a lot of space and action bars.