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Valithria Dreamwalker healed

Tonight we tried and 2 shot the Valithria encounter in 5:50 minutes on 25 man.

I was hoping that I would get to go into portals just for the sake of seeing how well I could do. I prepared with talents, glyphs and gear ahead in time much like Keeva recommended.

Unfortunately I dropped the buff stack in my last portal phase but according to the DPS Graph in World of Logs I was doing 53824 HPS just before that if that's truthful. I had nourish crits for 30k, Swiftmend crits for 40k and Rejuvenation ticking for 7k.

It's a very fun encounter! We used 3 paladins and this very tree for portals and we had 2 priests and a shaman raid heal. I ended up second on the meters but it's all about keeping the buff stack up, #1 never dropped it and #3 dropped it earlier than what I did.


Enmagi said...

We 2 shot it as well. I didn't get to go into portals, they sent our other tree in with 2 priests and a pally I believe.

I think all of them ended up dropping the buff at some point due to a slow or perhaps strange portal positioning.. I'm not really sure. I imagine it's pretty easy to accidently drop it.

We didn't get very far on the boss after her since people had lag issues. Lag when you only have 5 seconds to get away from the aoe after being pulled in = dead members.

It sort of stinks that more and more of the fights require good fps, and very little lag and yet for whatever reason, more and more people are complaining about poor fps while raiding (even on seriously high end machines) and icky server side lag on days that aren't even patch night.
/end rant

Gratz though! very good job again :)

Niniel said...

Nice going! :)

It's fairly easy to get confused in there just like in the Malygos fight.

Yes I agree about the performance issues, I'm getting 3 fps in a couple of fights. Putricide and Lana'thel is just terrible.