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The Plagueworks and The Crimson Hall

Putricide down in 25 man! Nothing to see, move along!

Last night we had three wipes below 1% on Lana'thel, this is what one of them looked like.

Blood-Queen Lana'thel down!

I'm not sure what made it click on this try but down she went. I'm having pretty bad fps in this fight, pretty much like Anub. Every instant cast feels like 3 seconds long which is very annoying. I need to buy a new computer as it was very good in 2006 and see if I can find what addons might be worth dropping if any are responsible.


Kae said...

Congrats! :) Just in time for more content!

Niniel said...

Thank you!
Yes, pretty good timing! =)

Enmagi said...

I disabled grid-incoming heals and this boosted my fps by like 20ish. clearly my crappy computer couldn't handle trying to calculate all the incoming heals for this fight as well as run the game itself.

I doubled my RAM this week, and I also need a new computer. My friends want to help me build one from scratch, but we'll see :)

Gratz again! keep em comin ;)