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Niniel the Astral Walker

To quote our guild web site: Algalon is now Alga-GONE. After a few weeks of trying him it seems we got Observed (25 player) tonight! =)

I could tell the other night from the 6% wipe that we had passed into the zone where suddenly everyone knows every part of the fight and it just needs to click before you get the kill.

Raid posing

We are using a semi-circle formation in the western part of the room. Raid healing from my perspective is basically keeping Rejuvenation and Wild Growth up all the time. I'm focusing on two groups in particular with some tank healing and random HoTness in between. You stay sort of spread out, you move away from Cosmic Smash (red circles on the ground), you run into black holes on Big Bang, if you get aggro on Constellations you kite them away into other black holes and you use Barkskin, potions, health stones etc to stay alive. That's about it. Cool fight, nice title! :D


Askevar said...

Many grats!

Matt White said...

Congrats! Seems like a night of titles for everyone tonight, although admittedly, on my realm (Saurfang) as it's the newest and not as progressed as others my guild finally got twilight vanquisher titles (alliance second, yay, but also sadness at lack of progression :P) so hopefully in a few months we'll be caught up to what you're on now title-wise ;p

Niniel said...

Thanks and congratulations on Twilight Vanquisher! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Nin, glad to see an Alliance kill on Kilrogg! Hope you're alright.


Niniel said...

Heya Waffles!

Thank you! :) You're not doing too bad yourself I see! How did you manage Resilience will fix it? :O

Anonymous said...

On 10man it's pretty much 'get the healers to 50% and interrupt heals while you steamroll the others'. Fairly easy if you're all up for it!

I've earnt about 1k achievement points since I xferred :p

Niniel said...

Haha, that's very impressive since you didn't exactly transfer with a low score, 9290 is scary! :)