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Firefighter 25 completed!

Yay for getting Firefighter (25 player) done tonight! (Yes, a Frost bomb nuked me in the last 10 seconds :/ ) Now there's only Yogg+1 left for me to get the mount.

I'm not updating much here lately on content but we're working on Algalon 25 each week and clearing up to Anub on heroic 25. Tonight we got to a 6% wipe on Algalon so we're getting there!

The raid debates what class Algalon really is. The shaman has a convincing point.

[shaman] Why does he have a cloak if you can see his starry bones through it? I can't see a starry w*ng though, poor guy.
[rogue] I see 2 quite big daggers.
[druid] Not often you fight a rogue boss tbh.
[rogue] Not necessarily a rogue...
[paladin] He's as OP as rogue though.
[rogue] Says the prot pala.
[shaman] Probably a rogue, rogues don't have balls either.


Enmagi said...

Gratz that's a tough one.. I've only done it on 10 man, but man is it a crazy fun fight.

Niniel said...

Thank you :) I'll settle for having it done once, nothing I need to do every week :b