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A Tribute to Insanity (10 player) completed!

The best part for me is not that we managed to get A Tribute to Insanity (10 player) tonight. The best part is that I solo healed most of P3 as you can see in the World of Logs here. It helps when you have DPS in the raid that pushes +8000 DPS though, reaching the kill in 3m 49s.

The first thing that happened in P3 was that the adds came over and killed the paladin which left me as the single healer. I like a challenge from time to time so I actually smiled a bit when it happened. The time was 22:57:50 when the healer died and Anub died at 22:58:15 so that's at least 25 seconds of P3 solo healing and keeping everyone alive. I lost a mage the same second as Anub died but I'm pretty impressed, peaking at 18551 HPS! :)


Spexa said...


Congratulations on your run! and to whomever got the tasty cloak and mount! Phase 3 anub has got to be one of the most horrible healing experiences ever. Is it just me or do we all Stress out seeing everyone so low in health. It doesn't make sense seeing all these hurt people and not being able to heal them :(

Anywys, Grats again!

Spex <3

Draekboy said...

My 10 men totc hc must be the group that have the most 49 tries in the world :P
We tend to have so much unlucky when we go from p2 to p3. Most of the time our tank gets freezed and the none shotted.
We will make a new try tonight and i really hope that we manage this time =)

Congratz again! /hug

Niniel said...

Hey! Thanks a lot! :)

Yes, P3 goes against every instinct in you as a healer. You just want to cover everything in heals! It's very stressful :b

Good luck tonight! Hope you make it!

Lath said...