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Trial of the Crusader progress so far

I haven't set foot in Ulduar so far this week! You need to complete the normal version of TotC before you can start the event in heroic mode. Luckily we had a few people that cleared normal 10 man on Wednesday. We got to 3/5 on heroic 10 man on thursday like I said in my last post and we spent sunday clearing normal 25 man.

Anub'arak down in normal 25 man
I like this fight in normal mode. We do not speak of heroic mode.

Last night we continued our 10 man progress and fought the Twins. I gave one of my best healing performances ever on the kill. We had trouble keeping everyone alive on 3 healers (priest on 1 tank, shaman raid healing and me on the other tank) but on the try where the priest died really early we actually got them down. I guess I gritted my teeth and thought "-Oh ok, it's just a tank healer that died, bring it!". The shaman went OOM for the last minute and when they fell there were four of us still standing. I'll maybe update this post and show a chat transcript with time stamps and then healing done just for fun.

Here's a brief chat transcript of the fight that I managed to get screenshots of.
22:24 Fight starts
..... stuff happens
22:26 Priest has died
22:26 [RL]: any res?
22:26 Fjola Lighbane yells: CHAOS!
22:26 Eydis Darkbane yells: CHAOS!
22:26 [Shaman]: used heroism
22:26 [Me]: no
22:26 [RL]: tits
22:26 [DK]: focus
22:27 Enrage in 3 min
22:27 Fjola Lighbane yells: Let the dark consume you!
22:27 Eydis Darkbane yells: Let the dark consume you!
22:27 Warlock has died
22:27 [Warlock]: ahhh
22:28 Fjola Lighbane yells: Let the dark consume you!
22:28 Eydis Darkbane yells: Let the dark consume you!
22:28 [RL]: KILL
22:28 Hunter has died
22:28 Druid has died
22:28 Mage has died
22:28 Warrior has died
22:28 Fjola Lighbane yells: CHAOS!
22:28 Fjola Lighbane begins to cast Twin's Pact!
22:28 Eydis Darkbane yells: CHAOS!
22:28 [Shaman]: oom
22:28 [Mage]: god damnit
22:29 Fjola Lighbane yells: The Scourge cannot be stopped...
22:29 [DK]: HAHA
22:29 [Warrior]: YES
22:29 [Warrior]: wwinz
22:29 [RL] hahahahahahahah
22:29 [RL] ahahahahahahahhahahaha
22:29 [DK]: TWINS DEAD
Combat against Valkyr Twins ended after 4 minutes and 48 seconds.
22:29 [Shaman] we fail with 3 healers, but 2...suuuure :b

That's about 3 minutes of the fight running on 2 healers! :)

Here's the Recount - Healing Done for that fight only
1. Niniel 2288118 (7995,4, 51,8%)
2. Shaman 1357715 (4814,3, 30,7%)
3. Priest 72182 (261,5 1,6%)

We reached Anub'arak with 15 tries left on the tribute run and spent those learning the fight, getting at best to 34%. He's damn quick under ground!

I love the way Arthas says "Fordring" by the way. Anub'arak is great as well, "just as the master promised". Great voice acting!


Enmagi said...

So they told me when I took on basic math that some of my african students would use commas for decimals and decimals for commas. Guess it's true for sweden too ;)

7.9k hps very nice. I got something similiar the other day too and looked at the meter and went.. this can't be right. It was on twins 25.. we had 5 healers, 2 on my side and 3 on the other side and my side's other healer died on me..

Got my second fragment last night. Yay for being second in line >.< i hope the guildies don't give up on uld before i finish it.

Niniel said...

It's actually common for all of Europe to use comma as a decimal separator with the exception of Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


The blue parts of this map use dot, the green part use comma.

How do you mean I used a decimal for comma? Sorry, I don't quite understand :)

Congratulations on your fragment! :)

Niniel said...

Quoted from International System of Units:

"The 10th resolution of CGPM in 2003 declared that "the symbol for the decimal marker shall be either the point on the line or the comma on the line." In practice, the decimal point is used in English speaking countries as well as most of Asia and the comma in most continental European languages."

Enmagi said...

Like we would write: 1,905,765.25 for 1 million 9 hundred and 5 thousand, seven hundred sixty five and 1/4.

My african students learned to write: 1.905.765,25 for the same thing. Or so I've been told. I actually hadn't run across it yet.

Apparently you use a colon for money? $2.50 (two dollars and 50 cents) and it's 2:50? that's what your article you linked said.. that's interesting :-p

Niniel said...

I'd write that as 1 905 765,25 or "en miljon niohundrafemtusen sjuhundrasextiofem och tjugofem" ;)

It's possible to use colon for money but it's not very common, at least not to my knowledge. I'm used to seeing a comma to separate decimals in prices. Perhaps a few price tags here and there use colons.

Not much related to WoW but an interesting discussion nonetheless ;)

Enmagi said...

well in new wow news, we 2 healed the first two bosses on heroic toc 10.

got a very nasty 6v10. ppl were getting sleepy so we called it til sunday.

2 healing was probably the most fun I've had in ages. Talk about a challenge.. it's really fun, you should try it!

Niniel said...

Nice! That's really impressive! :)

Sound said...

Please mind this completely random question about your screenshot! :) On your fubar/titan bar/broker bar there is an addon I've always been curious about. It's the one that seems to say either yes or no next to a druid spell of some sorts (I've seen a moonfire graphic and rejuv graphic thus far). What exactly is it and what does it do?

Niniel said...

A very good question! I'm glad you asked! :)

It's actually two different addons. The druid icon is ItemRack, my gear manager: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=4148

I have it setup so that my raid healing set has the Rejuvenation icon, my tank healing set has a Regrowth icon and my Moonkin set has a Moonfire icon. Not an easy one to guess :)

The Yes/No addon is BuffEnough: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info8953-BuffEnough.html.
A personal buff monitor that based on all classes in the raid can tell if I've got all the buffs I should have or if I'm missing something. You can then click it to notify the ones that need to buff people. Very efficient!

Enmagi said...

I use grid to tell me if ppl are missing buffs (grid missing buffs addon) their health bar turns red so it's fairly obvious and annoying if someone is missing a buff ;)

the addon I'm curious about on your screenshot is the one that puts a timer in the upper corner of grid for ya. I'm assuming it's for Rejuv time remaining, but I haven't run across it yet.

Niniel said...

I'm also using that addon but only to show who hasn't got Gift of the Wild. I only want Grid to show me info that I can act on in game, I let the others worry about their own buffs, I'm just that irresponsible ;)

The upper left corner is for Regrowth, the upper right is for Rejuvenation, lower left is Lifebloom stacks with timer and I've just reconfigured so I've got Wild Growth in the lower right corner. It's GridIndicatorCornerText: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/gridindicatorcornertext.aspx

combined with GridStatusHots: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6513.html

Inspired by Keevas post found here:

Enmagi said...

mine is set up with Aggro in the default corner.. regrowth in the top right, rejuv bottom right and lifebloom lower left. I also use status hots to know when they are about to expire (by color) for all of them. I actually haven't set up WG, thought I've toyed with the idea.

Yes my grid only shows who's missing my buff (I hadn't read carefully enough of your last comment and thought you were talking about just your buff, but I see now you meant which buffs you were missing.. not which you still needed to buff)

I will have to try with text, I think that will be more useful than just the color change. Thanks ;)

Niniel said...

I'm using a red border to indicate aggro, I think it's very clear :)

Using text instead of color makes a huge difference in planning, at least for me. It's so much easier to immediately make a decision in advance. While three green dots doesn't say much, having text in the corners will let you know well in advance in what order you will need to renew them. Also if you're going to renew early anyway you can renew the one with the shortest time left even though it's still green.