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Miscellaneous raiding

We managed to get Three Sixty Pain Spike (10 player) on Jaraxxus tonight. Very intentionally /cough.

We also went to Koralon for the first time this thursday. I just love our casual approach to when we one shot him.
[RL]: So erm
[RL]: Avoid fire
[RL]: + dps
[W]: What does this guy do?
[Paladin]: orly?
[Paladin]: sounds hard :b
[Mage]: Avoid dps?

When we got to Anub'arak in heroic 10 man tonight one of our finest mages shared this gem with us: "OMG I'm SUCH A F*CKING NOOB. I've done the entire raid so far with [Chef's Hat] on."

We were really close to getting Anub'arak down tonight. We got him to 6% in phase 3 but tonight wasn't the night unfortunately. A good couple of tried and good experience though so if we do get a strong group for the next time we should be able to get him down.

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