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First impression of Heroic 10 man Trial of the Crusader

I really like it a lot! Raiding feels like a challenge again!

I couldn't find much info on the heroic bosses but I used Heroic Trial of the Crusader Encounters as reference on what abilities there are to look out for. Rather than me describing them all over I recommend looking through that article.

My first thought on Gormok the Impaler was "-Are you serious?". He hit the tanks hard. We had a couple of tank deaths on him but on our third or fourth try we made it to the worms and then died from some poison confusion. We got to Icehowl on the fifth try total I think and one-shot him.

Jaraxxus took maybe 3-5 tries and here you want to kill the portals and volcanoes or they will just keep spawning adds and you'll be overrun.

I think we got the champions on the second or third try but don't ask me how :) It was a clean kill though. I didn't really notice any new abilities or effects, just that they hurt more.

Then we sort of got into trouble with the Twins so they are still alive. We're down to just above 30 attemps left on our tribute run with Twins and Anub'arak still standing. It should be doable!

On another note, I'm really enjoying leveling my Death Knight who is level 64 for the moment. I just read up on talents, rotations and glyphs so I feel like I know what I'm doing. I went with the Unholy tree as that's the tree I enjoyed the most when I ran him through the starting zone so long ago without really knowing the class well. I took him through the Plaguelands back then for some questing but once he got to Stormwind he got stuck in the AH making money. My intention was to reach level 65 so I could learn the Northrend glyphs but I think I'm surprised at how fun he is to play so I'm very likely to keep leveling him when I have the time.

Here's some grinding music to enjoy!
The Crystal Method - Smile

The Crystal Method feat Matisyahu - Drown in the now


Enmagi said...

It is a challenge alright ;)
We didn't get very far as our first impression was probably only 5 tries long. (after raid curiousity)

We got to icehowl a few times, but often the worms might still be up. We did get an achievement for killing the worms at the same time.

I'm curious if it can be 2 healed with our current healers. We took 3 because we were unsure of how much harder they'd hit, and there were some close calls with 3 of us.

My dk is unholy cuz I liked it best leveling, but I'm getting curious to try other trees though since the nerf.

Good music, yet again ;) Glad to see an update.

Niniel said...

I found it very enjoyable! Nice going on killing the worms simultaneously!

I wouldn't try with 2 healers, at least not yet. It was close enough a few times on three as you say. After everyone is geared up some more it's probably the best but not for now in my opinion.

I really can't imagine playing the DK without a permanent pet and not being able to control it. I think it adds to much fun to the game play that I don't care about Blood or Frost really. I only intend to play this character casually so I like having the companion out there.

Glad you like the tunes! Also glad to see a comment ;) I've been rather busy with work lately and helping a friend to move so I haven't had much time or content to post about for that matter :)

Enmagi said...

Oh I have no intention of taking 2.. Yet. It was pretty challenging with 3.. But it always makes me curious just how little healing you can bring and still get away with it.

I'm Still trying to come up with creative ways to solo heal naxx. I couldn't figure out how to do 4H and thaddius's intro part... the rest seemed doable though given the right group comp.

I was an unholy tank, but since the nerfs it's significantly harder. At the moment I've been trying to level a shammeh in what little spare time I have. With classes starting things are going to get hectic fast.

Niniel said...

Yes it's always wise to go with as few healers as possible to make the fights shorter with stronger DPS.

I'm also thinking of solo healing things, it's a nice challenge :)

Ah, I see. I have no intention of tanking so I think I'm making it easy for me just going DPS on the DK. I'm likely to level my DK and perhaps a warlock after that. I lack a warrior, hunter and priest that I like so I'm thinking I'll roll a worgen hunter and warrior of some kind in Cataclysm. The racials seems nice with the DPS boost and the Dark flight. Perhaps I'll make a gnome priest? =)

Tonight we're doing regular 25 TotC followed by the heroic version. We'll see how it goes.

Take care!

Enmagi said...

I have 3 80s; druid, priest and DK. My warlock is 71 and I hate her.
The rest are 46 and under. I'm loving my shammeh though. I decided to finally listen to what ppl suggest for leveling and went enhance and even though it's melee.. I seem to enjoy it. My intention is to have all the healer classes eventually.

My druid will always be my favorite. My priest is a pretty close second though.. she's Disc/shadow. It's awesome to have 2 healer timers esp when the healing is so different. I remember at 70 I had them both and I had to learn to heal reactively for my holy priest and that actually improved my timing on casted heals for my druid.

Tanking is actually pretty fun ;) completely different from healing, but challenging.. Love challenges.

Enmagi said...

ps. Good luck in h toc ;)

Niniel said...

I've only got my druid and mage at 80 with my rogue at 70. The DK is 65, my paladin around 40 and the rest are about 20-30 in each class.

How come you hate your warlock? Have you forced yourself through 71 levels or did something happen between you? ;) Shaman, hunter and warrior are the classes I'm worst at I think, can't really explain why but I just can't seem to level one past 30. My druid was my first char and I'll never switch from my main, I was really lucky when choosing I class I think.

Challenges are good ;) I'm not sure about me tanking though :b

Thanks! Heroic 25 man TotC is just insane. We couldn't get past Gormok once. He hit one of our MT's for 55k in 0,5 seconds and that was just a normal hit + impale. On our first try the worms arrived when Gormok was still at 40%. Best try was down to 10% or so I think before we wiped. This evening we reached Anub'arak on heroic 10 man and got to 36% so 10 man went a bit better overall :)

Enmagi said...

I have said the same thing about getting lucky and picking my toon correctly the first time.

pally was my second toon, but I couldn't stand it. Melee in general seems to be difficult for me to level, though for some reason I managed with my DK (cuz she's a tank) and my shammeh is going fine despite the fact she's enhance.

My warlock and I had a falling out. Looking back it was probably a lack of understanding on my part, because when I took my priest shadow for a while at 70 I learned to excell at that. So I'm sure if I went back.. I might learn to be okay with my warlock. But I have 0 urge.

H Toc 25 just sounds plain painful. Glad your 10 man went well though ;) We tried our 10 man with an alt healer (decently geared) and I think I could see it being 2 healed because there was a time or two when one of us would die and it'd continue on for a long time before we'd wipe to something else. You oom very quickly though so I think to 2 heal it you'd have to have properly timed feral/boomkin innervates on your healers or something. We'll see. Someday ;)

Niniel said...

Leveling my DK might be the start for some melee action for me. I'm more of a caster type as well though I've been sort of playing around as feral since I got Anzu down. I suppose you "get" some classes better than others. Warrior/Hunter/shaman hasn't clicked for me really yet.

I'm enjoying TotC now that all bosses are released, the Twins and the last boss are the best I think.