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My WoWspace

I used to enjoy the Reader WoWspace of the week section at WoWinsider so I thought I'd show my WoWspace as well ^^

Nothing special but it's my home :)


Joon Pear said...

nice set up :D

Icedragon said...

Is that one of the alarm bots from Gnomeregan sitting on the left side of your monitor O.O

/tar alarm bot
/cast Moonfire (Rank 1)

Niniel said...



Actually it's a subwoofer ;)

Enmagi said...

he would have an alarm bot as his subwoofer ;)

bought me the "Lungs" album because of your link the other day.. some good music there.

I think a sweeping generalization is that men have much more minimalistic wow spaces than women ;) I love the simplicity.

Niniel said...

Haha! Maybe that's what drew my attention to it now that you mention it :)

It's a great album! I like Rabbit Heart and Cosmic love the most though. I was lucky to see Florence and the machine live this weekend in Gothenburg at the Way Out West festival! It was awesome! She mentioned on stage that Cosmic love is her own personal favorite track on the album.

Hope you had a great vacation! I'm on my second week back at work now.

/bows humbly
Thank you!

Enmagi said...

Cosmic love is my favorite by far.. I do like rabbit heart, but I think it's because you've posted it before.

My vacation was great! The sad part is returning from vacation. My life is never dull, been dealing with one adventure after another.. kinda miss the quiet of my vacation ;)

I'm sure I'll readjust soon. Classes start in a couple weeks. Hoping for a good batch of students ;)

Niniel said...

It's a beautiful song with such emotion. I adore the whole 'come what may, I'll always be here for you' sense of "Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too...so I stayed in the darkness with you".

In the hectic moments you'll at least be able to recall the memories of a nice and quiet vacation :)

What do you teach and at what level?

Enmagi said...

Math, community college level.

Niniel said...

Ah, that sounds nice :) I'm not very good at math even though I work as a developer. I'm terrible at algebra but I like discrete mathematics. I'm more of a language person I suppose.

I'm not sure what the equivalence of community college is in Sweden. How old are your students?

Enmagi said...

it's like junior college?

same age as regular college students, some middle aged students who are changing professions midlife or getting a degree while they work or whatever.

They are 2 year programs instead of the 4 year BA/BS.. it's a step down

Niniel said...

Ok then I understand. Thanks for clarifying!