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Icehowl and Lord Jaraxxus down

The only real trouble I've noticed in any of these fights is the range to your targets and not really knowing in what direction they are if you need to heal someone who is out of range.

Sidestepping the Charge of Icehowl after the Massive Crash is so easy that I can't believe people sometimes get hit by it. You just need to watch the direction he is facing after he slams you to the wall. You want to stay spread out to avoid Arctic Breath hitting to many at the same time.

Icehowl down

I was assigned to heal Incinerate Flesh in the Lord Jaraxxus fight - "Burns the flesh off your bones! Absorbs the next 60000 healing received and decreases damage dealt by 50% for 12 sec. If Incinerate Flesh is not removed before it expires it will cause a Burning Inferno." As I noted earlier this is problematic if you don't know where the target is and out of range. Other than that it was just a matter of staying spread out and heal.

Lord Jaraxxus down

We killed Yogg-Saron for the third time in a row now on the third try this time so I'm going to assume from now on that it will happen each week.

I also picked up the [Boots of the Unrelenting Storm] from Icehowl which was a nice upgrade.


Enmagi said...

We got them down too.. Also not sure how ppl get hit by it other than maybe they have some lag or something? or generally aren't paying attention.

no upgrades for me yet. Soon I hope!

Niniel said...

They haven't posed much of a challenge. Hopefully the remaining bosses will be more challenging. Must be lag as you say, there's plenty of time to react.

Good luck, hope something nice drops for you soon! :)