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I Choose you, Steelbreaker completed!

#675 in Europe as well. Not half bad I think.

Our strategy
We kill Molgeim first then have healers and ranged reposition on the Steelbreaker tank. Behind Steelbreaker the melee work on killing Brundir while still being in melee range of Steelbreaker to avoid his Static Disruption.

We have 3 ranged dps as decoys for Static Disruption. With this positioning the ranged people are far away enough to not have to move from Brundirs Overload. When Brundir dies we had a tank rotation set up with our DK first, then a warrior then a druid and then the resurrected DK. I don't think the order matters that much though reusing the DK is probably not a bad thing with CDs etc. When the DK ran off to die from Meltdown the druid tank had time to run and resurrect while the warrior took over. I kept the 3 ranged dps getting hit by Static Disruption alive by keeping Regrowth and Rejuvenation on them while using Wild Growth on every cooldown for the raid healing with Nourishes in between.

Just before Brundir died people started stacking debuffs on Steelbreaker to have him prepared for the last phase. We burned Heroism when he was at 95% and used dps potions. In the very end I just prayed.


Anonymous said...

Grats! =)

Niniel said...

Hehe, thank you but I believe I'm the one that should really congratulate you on that legendary mace! I wish 5 more fragments would drop now ^^