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Antony & The Johnsons - Cripple and The Starfish

I was extremely lucky to see Antony live in Gothenburg last weekend. This clip is from Amsterdam though as the sound quality was so good. It's just amazingly beautiful but the lyrics are a bit scary.


Enmagi said...

What odd lyrics.

Seems like you saw a ton of ppl last weekend, wish I coulda been there.

Niniel said...

Yes, it was awesome! You should really have been there! :)

I saw Beirut, Band of Horses, Florence and the Machine, Robyn, Grizzly Bear, Wilco, Antony & the Johnsons, Röyksopp, Fever Ray, Calexico and Vampire Weekend. That's quite a weekend! ^^

I missed Andrew Bird because he played in a church and it was full when I arrived and I also regret not hanging around long enough on the saturday to see Teddybears which apparently rocked. I hope I'll see them both another time.

Enmagi said...

wow I didn't even notice the vampire weekend the first time I read your comment.. Love them. /jealous

Niniel said...

To quote Antony, "I am very very happy" :)