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10 man Trial of the Crusader

Last night we had a go at 10 man Trial of the Crusader, the first time for me. We two shot the Northrend Beasts, one shot Lord Jaraxxus and two shot the Faction Champions. The Faction fight was pretty fun. I did quite a lot of CC in the form of hibernating, rooting and cycloning while keeping Rejuvenation up and Swiftmend and Nourish got used a lot. I was lucky to be ignored by the mobs most of the time while the others were being focused. When they did chase me I ran off in tree form with lifebloom stacks and Barkskin.

I can't remember the name of it but a trinket dropped from the Champions that I really want the more I think about it. It had something like a constant 57 mp/5 and a buff like each time you cast a healing spell you gained 66 spellpower and it stacked to 8 and lasted for 15-20 seconds. That would mean a constant +528 spellpower and 57 mp/5. I didn't really react in time on how good it was so I didn't even roll for it until our priest had won it. I really hope it drops soon again! I did get a healing shoulder upgrade in the form of [Shoulderpads of the Glacial Wilds].

After the Beasts were down I ran out to get the [Idol of Flaring Growth] for 25 emblems. I've done a couple of daily heroics and together with the 25 man TotC I had earned enough so that was my first Triumph investment. It really procs a lot! When it does, raid buffed in a 10 man I had something like +2950 bonus healing. If I had the trinket above I'd be running around with a near constant +3500 bonus healing.

I think it was a really good move to enable Triumph tokens from the daily heroic. At first I felt a bit stressed out that I had to do it every day but now I'm more relaxed about it and just think of it as a bonus thing to do when I have the time. It's a nice way of spending more personal time with your guildmates and you get to enjoy all the 5 mans that I really never did more than once before heading into Naxx 25 almost as soon as I hit 80 in T6 gear. That also means that now for the first time I can have a proper go at the heroic achievements for Glory of the Hero so I've started to tick them off. They aren't that hard for a 25 man Ulduar-geared guild group ^^.


Enmagi said...

I've been debating if my first purchase should be the idol or saving up for teir and rearranging to get my 4 piece some other way than I have it now.

I've been leaning towards the idol, but I haven't been sure yet.. Does it have an internal cooldown?

Niniel said...

It doesn't seem like it does. From what I've read it doesn't and from what I saw last night it had a near constant uptime.

Dorgol said...

Most of the Triumph relics - be they Librams, Sigils, Idols, or Totems - appear to be VERY powerful. Basically, these are the items we have been wanting in this slot for years.

Both my Paladin and Druid are going straight for their Relic.

Niniel said...

I agree, this one is fantastic!