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Twin Val'kyr down and 30 fragments

We actually one shot the Faction Champions this week but it took us six tries on the Twin Val'kyr to get them down.

Just keep an eye on your attunement and stay relatively close to the other colored portal if you need to change before an explosion. I was somewhere in the middle in range of both tanks for most of the fight, a bit closer to the dark twin. When healing the dark side I had the dark attunement as I then could absorb the dark orbs so that less people got hurt by them on my side. It worked pretty well.

When we got to Ulduar Ignis was kind enough to drop the last fragment I needed so now I've started the quest to finish the mace in the Yogg +3 fight.

I also have some conversations to share.
Sudden confession in the guild:
[Priest] I'm listening to Shania Twain and singing along and didn't realise
[Priest] I'm a bad person
[Warrior] ......gaaaaay
[Priest] no u

Excerpt from the Northrend Beasts strategy recap:
[Warlock] What are the little fuckers called?
[Rogue] Gnomes
[Shaman] Snobolds
[Shaman] lol
[Rogue] Don't set yourself up like that


Anonymous said...

Grats Nin! And good luck!!!

Niniel said...

Thank you! :)

Mikata said...


Best of luck with the mace, a great achievement, something really to be proud of. :)

Enmagi said...

gratz, good luck on getting your mace done! we need 8 more in our guild.. and of course.. the ability to do it hard mode.

the faction champions give us a terrible time because most of my guild doesn't pvp so they are trying too hard to plan things out and have difficulty adjusting to the more pvp style.

Niniel said...

Thanks! :)

I'm not sure how long it will take us to get Yogg +3 down. We've only tried it once with the strategy of tanking the mobs on top of Sara. We've always tanked them by the door and ferried them to the middle so it takes a little getting used to having everyone dodge clouds in the middle.

We don't have that many that play PvP either so we have to constantly remind everyone to stay aware of their surroundings and use CC as much as possible. I root and cyclone quite a bit and Nature's Grasp is great when a melee is chasing you. A few people doesn't notice that a melee is standing on top of them just slashing away.

It works well to keep slowing effects down in the middle and to tell people to run across it in order to loose anyone chasing them. Assigning one dedicated healer for the targets of the hunter/rogue/warrior/death knight helps a lot too.

Enmagi said...

We tried ferrying early on, but it took too long and we noticed that we ended up with more mobs up at the transition than all of us being in the middle. Plus you don't have to worry as much about dps stopping a healthy chunk before it dies to ferry it. And if you're shorter on tanks (2/2.5) ferrying becomes much harder. I wish you luck in your transition.. at least the clouds say something now ;)

Yeah.. in general ppl aren't aware enough about their surroundings. a lot of the times when one of the NPCs cleanses a CC off one of the other ones the person CCing gets all thrown off course. It's something that if they pvped more they'd be more used to it.

New pic eh?

Niniel said...

Ferrying always worked well for us but I think we gain a lot by switching to the middle. As you say, DPS won't have to stop and overall there should be less time wasted.

Thank God for loquacious clouds! :)

Indeed, as soon as people get comfortable with the thought that anything can happen you see the fight getting so much easier.

Aye, new pic. The old one was taken five years ago or so and this one was taken yesterday so it's more accurate! I always hide from cameras because I don't think I look very good but that has the disadvantage that very few photos exist of me which is kind of boring later in life when you get nostalgic. So, I thought I'd at least take one picture to see what I looked like around 30 :)

I thought I'd challenge myself and expose what I look like up close and personal so here's the larger version: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2534/3865734994_9c69066f55.jpg

Niniel said...

Oh, grats on killing Yogg Enmagi! :)

Enmagi said...


yeah I'm not a huge shutterbug myself. I think people always think they look worse than they do though. Seems to be a common trend. You are always more critical of yourself than anyone else. You're lookin pretty good for 30.. hope I hold up as well ;)

The key to nostalgia is to get a roommate like mine who takes pictures of everything so even if you hide, there's still photographic evidence you existed ;) I've learned if I just let him take pictures one of the bunch will probably turn out just fine.

Niniel said...

Haha, thank you! /bow
I'm actually 32 this December! :O

You are probably right about being self critical though ^^

That's a good attitude about letting the world know you existed! :)