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Some updates

My mage hit level 80 this weekend which I celebrated by equipping her with a Mekgineer's Chopper a few seconds after which evoked a few 'wtf?' from the guild mates. As I told them, my alts ride in style ;) Yes, I know it's just a vanity item but I've managed to collect 60k g from five months of AH business so I decided I could spend some of it on something less useful and still be alright.

I wouldn't mind the achievement Get to the Choppa! for my main just for the sake of collecting the points but the thought of riding a motorcycle as a druid just felt so out of character that I couldn't do it. My night elf truly belongs on a Nightsaber! A gnome mage on a bike on the other hand, that's more appropriate I think, For Gnomeregan! I just plain dislike the mechanostriders and my mage has been riding a horse since Stormwind reputation allowed me to. Now I giggle every time she mounts up, that's worth a few gold :)

The next thing I did was to spend about 4000g on epic BoE gear from AH (Greedy Goblin has said it's a good thing to put money back into the market like this ;) and then I went to Naxx 25 on a guild alt run. A full clear in about four hours and I got six new epic iLevel 213 pieces! One wipe on Razuvious and another wipe with one player /afk when KT was pulled which usually isn't a good thing.

This was my first time ever raiding as DPS so I tried to keep up with what to do and what to target. Trash mobs seemed to be a matter or Flame strike, Blizzard, Blizzard, Flame strike etc. Single target mobs was all Living Bomb, Scorch, Scorch, Frostfire bolt, Frostfire bolt -> Hot Streak -> instant Pyroblast, refresh Living Bomb and Scorch. Combustion, Icy veins, trinket and Mirror image used when appropriate.

Using Patchwerk as a good DPS test in a stationary fight with full raid buffs I managed to do 3020 DPS with my Frostfire spec. I think that's a decent number for my inexperience as DPS and still wearing a green and a few blues and being an alt that just hit 80. I even forgot I had Mirror image available most of the time. All in all it was fun to raid as a mage but it felt really strange not being able to heal. When I went to Ulduar with my druid later that night I got urges to Blink and use Living Bomb from time to time which was rather funny.

Tonight will be our first progress night on Yogg Saron this week as we didn't have enough people online last night for a proper setup. Bank holidays and GM birthday etc =) We cleared Ignis, Razorscale, Iron Council and Emalon instead and had an early night. Last weeks attempt on Yogg had us getting the brain to 35% so we're almost into phase 3 in the fight. If we don't get him down tonight then he should go down next week if all goes well.


Aertimus said...

I do like the new wider layout... I also like the new quote at the top! When did that change?

Good luck on Yoggie tonight!!!

Niniel said...

I changed that this weekend =)
I'm glad you like it!

The quote is a fragment of "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann.

fallingleavesandwings said...

It's probably already too late...

But you get the achievement "Get to the Choppa" by just looting the motorcycle =) My paladin got it by crafting it for my druid, and my druid got it as soon as the item hit her bags (I did not have to learn it).

I don't know if this has changed or not, but if you really want the achievement and decide to pick up another choppa for a different alt, you might want to give it a try =)

Niniel said...

Thank you for the advice but I had already heard about that and tried it but unfortunately it seems fixed now.

I had it in my bags but it didn't work so I sent it back to my mage. Worth a try though ;)