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10 25 man Ulduar bosses down in 4 hours

This thursday which was our first Ulduar night of the week had us clearing all but Mimiron, Vezax and YS. That's pretty good going and it sets up some nice progress time for YS for the rest of the week. Our usual route goes through Flame Leviathan, Deconstructor, Kologarn, Cat lady, Hodir, Thorim, Freya then back to Council, Ignis and Razorscale.

I did mention that one of our regular Main Tanks left the guild and so did our only regular Moonkin shortly after as well. We're also losing one of our best mages who is quitting WoW for some medical reason. That means we've had to regroup and relearn some parts which were already routine. So, if you happen to be a mage or druid moonkin there's a slot open for a good application.

Our best attempts on Yogg have us midway through phase two so far. He really should go down soon.

Current Val'anyr fragment count is 7 for me and 1 for our second recipient.


Aertimus said...

10 in four hours!!!

I didn't think we were going to get to GV and get him down this week, but we did. This was also the first week we were able to clear all the watchers in the 9 hours we raid, so I'm really happy about that. But I have no idea where the time to do Y-S is going to come from unless we add 3 more hours a week...

Also - have you noticed a major decrease in the number of shards dropping? We were having a BUNCH drop then they stopped suddenly.

Niniel said...

We offset that great thursday with a disastrous sunday on Mimiron so we had to spend this evening repairing that damage with a bad signup as well. That might have been our worst raid ever since the guild formed. Individual failures all over the place and it just never clicked. Several wipes below 5% which was just demoralizing.

Tonight we 2-shot Mimiron with 22 players of which two were DC for most of the fight. We also killed Vezax with 24 with some new and lesser geared people.

What should have been 2,5 nights of YS practice turned into 1 night tomorrow instead :/

Congratulations on Vezax! =)
I've had the shards move to the early bosses it seems. Last week Flame Leviathan dropped one and the week before that both Flame Leviathan and then Deconstructor dropped fragments. I'd say it's a pretty even 1-2 shards per week it seems.