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How To: Flame Leviathan (Xephos & Honeydew)

So I've just discovered the genius work of Xephos and Honeydew. You need a certain sense of humor to enjoy this, I think it's fantastic.

It starts on a serious note and then wanders off into brilliance.

That video also caused me to buy the record All Is Wild, All Is Silent by Balmorhea. The track at the start of the video is called Settler.

Check out Xephos YouTube channel for more of their work. I've also been listening to their YoGPoD podcast on my way to work this week and I've just been laughing out loud on the street.


Kae said...

That is hilarious.

Anonymous said...



IMO, they're full of win.

YOGS are top of the pile on Venture Co, too.. so they're not just epic at messing around, then pwn sht!