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The Keepers of Ulduar freed and General Vezax down!

Sorry for not posting but I've been a bit busy lately. We've had some trouble last two weeks getting enough regular tanks to sign so our progress has suffered. A little drama, sickness and general offline reasons. We've had to rely on offspecs and alts to get by and while admirable efforts have been made it doesn't quite live up to the experience that the regular tanks bring.

Anyway, we brought Mimiron down last night, our second night trying him and actually got General Vezax down tonight after only 3 hours of tries on our first night. That's something I'm very happy with. Didn't expect that at all.

Here's some late photos of the raiding:

Thorim defeated
(amagad I died ^^)

Mimiron defeated
This is my favorite fight so far, Freya is second I think.

Ignis down
This monster got lolnerfed to a tank and spank.

Meeting General Vezax

Omen of Clarity ftw

General Vezax down

Zodiac theme
There's a nice hallway leading down to General Vezax with a lot of Zodiac motives on the walls. Nice details!

My Val'anyr fragment count is now 3/30.


Enmagi said...

We're attempting mimiron.
It looks fun, though I have a feeling we'll be wiping on it for a while.

I kind of like Thorim. Might be because I get to heal the hallway.

I had hoped I would like the catlady, but I mostly just find it tedious, run hide heal, run hide heal.. okay I've got it.. is this all there is?

Niniel said...

Good luck with Mimiron, it's the best fight so far I think!

Thorim is nice too, I've tried both arena and hallway and I think I prefer hallway.

Cat lady along with Hodir are the two fights in the instance that are still pretty sloppy kills for us.

How do you mean you hide run and heal? We all stand in the open in one group with the MT, boss and 2 cats and have a DK tanking the 2 other cats across the platform within healing range. It's just on the pull you can't be in line of sight of the cats.

With rogues using distract you can have 2 cats walk away from the boss and have the tanks pick up the cats when they come. The raid is standing around the corner on the pull but once the cats have aggro on a tank they don't pounce anymore. You just need to hurry back on the MT after each fear and avoid Void Zones.

Enmagi said...

we use the strat shown by Tankspot for Auriaya.
I think we recently tried your strat on 10 man (cuz we had a friend in from another guild and he explained how they do it more like you seem to) we still had a mess with the later kitty and aggro/pouncing. It was sloppy but not hard.. it seemed like 6 of one half a dozen of the other. It isn't particularly hard either way.

Enmagi said...

Guess we won't be wiping on mim as long as I thought. Think it's my fav fight too. It just falls into place so neatly.

such a neat fight!

Niniel said...

Yep, I've always liked multiphase fights, it keeps you on your toes! =)

Congratulations on Mimiron!

Aertimus said...

Just came over to "follow" your blog (haven't gone back and done that since they added that feature), and I noticed that you added the nightelf crest to your banner. Looks great!!!

Niniel said...

Thank you! :)

I widened the page like you and Keeva have done and there was too much empty space to the right so I wanted to add something fitting there.

There was also the option of taking a new wider screenshot for the banner but I really like the old one too much to replace it and I guess I'm a bit nostalgic about the gear I'm wearing there too :)