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Val'anyr physics

Yes, the proc effect of Val’anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings has now been explained. I'm happy about the way it seems to work. Any class would do well wielding it and that supports my opinion that it should go to someone based on loyalty and performance and not class.

Stats and procs aside, I'm quite interested in the physical properties of the mace. A few questions pop up:

What's the theory behind the force that is holding up the top of the mace? The power of creation?

How heavy is the mace to wield? Is the weight of the top transferred through the beam or is it more like waving a light saber or pointing a flashlight? If you can't feel the weight through the beam then you could lop a few heads off clean.


Aertimus said...

I'm going to go to the special hell for being so jealous of the people in my guild who are getting it...

Niniel said...

/comfort :)
Hope the shards rain on your guild so you get one too

Aertimus said...

We are up to 5 I think. We know who is 2nd in line. We don't have a 3rd picked.

Niniel said...

We've got 3 so far. I've got 2 and a shaman got the other as I was late for one raid and of course a fragment dropped in that one hour I wasn't there! :b

We don't have a third one picked either, that means at least one of HAS to be on every raid, oh the commitment! :b Held hostage by a legendary, haha!

Averna said...

I had a dream last night that two shards dropped in one run. I woke up all excited.

Then realized that I was dreaming about World of Warcraft.


Niniel said...

In my humble opinion it would be weird to not dream about WoW at least sometimes since it's something that's very present when you're awake. The brain is only processing the impressions and thoughts from the day :)

Enmagi said...

In an effort to be fair, we separated our healers based on attendance and made three groups.
Group 1 could roll out of 100 (reroll if under 10) <-- think this should have been higher.
Group 2 (lower attendance than group 1) could roll out of 30
and group 3 (included initiates and poorly attending healers) could roll out of 10.

Having the highest attendance in the guild, I was of course in group 1. Did that stop me from rolling a 15? no. epic fail imo.
I'm 5th in line-- I'll never see a shard. (though I expect we'll rework this after the first person gets her mace)

I think we're the higher end guild on our server that didn't do this based purely on dkp/loot council and even tried to come up with a "fair" system.

Every close healer friend of mine in the other guilds is getting their mace.

So I'm w/Aertimus- Slightly jealous ;)

Niniel said...

Oww, rolling 15 hurts. Too bad you didn't discuss your way into a few candidates. Random chance is unfair to those that have contributed a lot more. It really should be based on attendance and long term commitment in my opinion.

Aertimus said...

Okay at least my guild voted. I can blame it on ignorance because a lot of DPS kept saying, "Well obviously its a paladin item, right?"

Rolling and leaving something like that to chance is pretty dumb. I just hope a legendary or many shards doesn't just up and walk away from your guild on day...

Enmagi said...

Nah the druid who's making her mace is pretty active, she's probably 2nd highest attendance.. us druids show for raids ;)

There's the complication of me being the only healing officer. so for me to win it would potentially cause fingers to be pointed and favoritism to be called or something. (though the attendance was there to back it)

It's okay, they are just pixels :-p but I'll envy your pixels when you're done making yours ;)

Niniel said...

Good to hear that it went to someone deserving then at least =)

It was a matter of a shaman or me getting it, both of us officers. The reason for that though was that we've been here by far the longest. I joined in early Karazhan and the shaman joined at Gruul. Most other healers are only recruited since Wrath and though very good healers if compared to us then guild contribution and history became the deciding factor.

There's been some turnover when you look in the rear mirror. I had a look at the kill shots for Kael'thas and Vashj and there's only 5 active raiders left from those 25 man setups still in the guild and raiding.

I'll try and make good use of it. ;) I'm at 5/30 fragments now.

Questions such as when the hell will I replace that mace pops up. Will it be obvious to still use at level 90 you think?

Enmagi said...

I've been w/this same crew since MC, we were a different guild pre-bc and that guild finally fell apart when I left them, and formed the guild I'm in now.

I brought the druid who's getting her mace on probably mid-BTish?

It was a running joke in the guild that I was the "forest of one" because I was the only resto druid for a long long time.

We haven't had a great deal of turnover.. we run a very light ship, and expect a lot from our healers. We've had a few main switches but everyone is basically still here. Pretty loyal crew.

Niniel said...

That's nice to have been together for so long.

Most of those that left have left because they quit the game, not because they didn't like the guild. People have left for other guilds too of course but not everyone gets along or fits in. We've had the same core since the start anyway.

I was the only resto druid in the guild all the way into Wotlk so I know how you feel =)