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Serenity probably kills a lot of mages at Wrathgate

Apply Aura: Pacify & Silence

At least it killed me! :/

You're standing at a cliff after the sequence, of course you take the shortcut and jump down. My mage doesn't have a natural fear of heights due to [Slow Fall]. Sometimes she's caught off guard though.


You wake it, you tank it. said...

Yuuuuup. Happened to my mage. I finish the Wrathgate cinematic and say to myself, "Self, there's no reason to ride all the way down! Slow Fall for the wiooooahhh CRAP!"

Aertimus said...


Working as intended?

Niniel said...

Hehe, surely someone must have thought of it as a practical joke.

Spicytuna said...

Yep! You're not the only Mage that did that.

Dorgol said...

I haven't got to this point on my mage, I'll have to remember that.

What annoyed me was that my Paladin couldn't switch to Crusader Aura. It's amazing how addicting that extra 20% mount speed can be.

Niniel said...

I immediately wanted to teleport to Stormwind for the next step in the quest chain as well but had to ride off into the snowy fields before I could lose Serenity and do it.

Bell said...

This killed my paladin. No bubble!

Niniel said...

It's evil, that's what it is! :)