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Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.


Glory of the Raider achieved!

Last week had a successful 8 man Malygos attempt and tonight we made the 6 minute timer on Malygos 10 man and then I got the final piece missing, Gonna Go (die in a fire) from Sarth.


Word has traveled to Wyrmrest Temple
of the great deeds you have accomplished
since arriving in Northrend.

Your bravery should not go unrecognized.
Please accept this gift on behalf of the
Aspects. Together we shall rid Azeroth of
evil, once and for eternity.

Alexstrasza the Life-Binder

A sweet mount from Alexstrasza!


sylly said...

oooo!!! grats!!! Enjoy your new mount. Well deserved, I'm certain!

Emybloom said...

With respect to gonna go, best to just die early on? ;)

I still need 3D 10 man, along with the 6min shitzle... le sigh

Niniel said...

Thank you, thank you! =)

Yes, when it comes to Gonna go we have decided ahead who's getting it and let those stand in lava and start the fight with 10% health, hit Sarth to register in the threat table and then die immediately in the fire.

Aertimus said...


Part of me wanted to say something witty and mean about how the last one you got was Gotta Go - but then I remembered how awesome it was when I got it for 25 man, because it meant there were 20 people willing to fight a fight for me while I died on purpose 10 sec into it.

Great job buckling down and getting it done in time to get the great!!!

Niniel said...

Haha, thank you Aertimus!

I realize Gonna Go is not the most glorious way to finish the achievement. As you say though, I'm honored that the others fought for me. The satisfaction of having it done is immense!

I'm not that far off from the 25 man version either. Immortal, Shocking and 6 min Malygos being the real hurdles left. I'm going to make a try for it anyway :b

Aertimus said...

We missed 6 min maly last night by 1 second... My hope of making it before Ulduar is quickly diminishing...

Niniel said...

Gah! That happened to a 10 man group in our guild too. That's rough! :/

It's a tough call to abort in time too with all the dots.