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Minor updates

I haven't got that much to write about for the moment. I'm still working on Glory of the raider, there's 6 min Malygos left and Gonna Go from Sarth. We missed 6 min last week by maybe 10 seconds. The dots killed him before everyone had wiped.

We also failed our first real Immortal attempt last night. We cleared DK wing, Spider and Plague in that order without trouble but then someone had a dainbramage moment on Thaddius regarding left/right on the initial charge. Another weird death on Sapphiron and 2 Void Zone deaths on Kel'Thuzad means we aren't quite there yet but not that far off either. Just need some focus.

I've started playing my mage a bit and she's level 74 right now having completed Howling Fjord and the larger part of Dragonblight so far. No instances done yet though.

My AH business has come to a halt where things doesn't sell as much for the same price anymore. I'm happy to let it rest for a while though, I'm at about 42k gold for the moment which is a lot more than what I need.

I found more sweet music that I'd like to share.
Sunlounger Feat. Zara - Lost

Roger Shah Pres. Savanah - Body Lotion (Inspirations Mix)

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