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A poke in the eye

Finally got 8 man Malygos done after trying for 2 weeks. What was needed was just some focus in the end...as well as good healing, mana regen, excellent spark stacking, heroism, focus fire, coordination, patience, love and understanding.

Oh and yes, I hadn't bothered with regular 10 man before. Figured I might as well hit the 8 man ;)


Aertimus said...

I just got Heroic: A Poke in the Eye tonight. It was my guilds 2nd time getting it. Yuck... don't ever want to do that one again.

Major grats on your double achievement! How goes Twilight Zone and Undying?

Niniel said...

It was a bit rough alright.

I haven't been on a single 10 man Sarth + 3 try yet. A restodruid doesn't fit well they say. You either stack for melee or caster synergy in the groups and we've got the caster version going. That means no enhancement shaman and no heroism so the raid healer "has to be" a shaman to provide heroism and a druid doesn't have any tank saving cooldowns like priest/paladin have so I'm not first choice for the MT either. I feel a bit excluded :/ I guess I have a bigger shot at it if I go as Moonkin.

Undying still needs to click. There has been 2 successful Undying runs in the guild but I wasn't present when they happened. There's still hope though. 6 minute Malygos can happen and Undying is very doable but it will be Sarth+3 that will be the bottle neck if I'll get it or not.