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Niniel of the Nightfall...and Undying!

Waaaaooow! What a night! :D

10 man Sarth+3 down!

Everyone was alive and well in the end of the fight. It was flawless! This was also my first night ever on Sarth 10 +3 and 90 minutes after entering the instance he was down. We had a priest healing the MT, a shaman on raid healing and I was keeping both add tanks up. There were 6 experienced and 4 new people to this fight in our setup. I was replacing a Holy Paladin who used to heal the two tanks with the help of beacon. Though my heals are smaller I guess my advantage was that I could keep healing while moving. I had to keep all hots up as much as possible on both tanks and Nourish/Swiftmend like a madman without loosing stacks and dodging waves and adds. I found that Shadowmeld was useful to avoid the whelps to let the paladin get some initial aggro. Our shaman did dps during the first part of the fight until the first drake died I think so I had to cover raid healing there too.

Title and Healing done shown here:

Doesn't really say much more than the add tanks took a lot of damage. I helped out on the raid with Wild Growth and rejuv when possible.


I wasn't that stressed during this run actually. I figured that we'd just clear the damn place and stay alive, fight for fight. In the end we didn't have a single death anywhere, not even trash. I figured I was very content with getting 'of the Nightfall' done so it wouldn't be that bad to fail Undying and miss Glory of the Raider because of it. At least I got Sarth 10 +3 down right? Well, things went smoothly, about a 15 minute clear of Spider wing, a stroll through Plague with no troubles anywhere, enter Construct quarters and Patchwerk plays nice, Grobbulus and Gluth goes down without trouble and what happens on Thaddius? I miss the jump! Not only do I fail with gravity, I get lost somehow under the floor and can't get out. In the end I just say out loud, "Oh come on!", I take a deep breath, look at the minimap to get my bearings and move towards where the exit should be. There, I'm out, I run back up, make the jump this time but now I have to wait for the correct charge so I play it safe and stand in my own private group and don't dare to risk any charges. The dps is enough for stacking anyway so we make it just fine in the end.

I figured Razuvious or 4HM could be trouble but everything went fine there, Sapphiron usually isn't a problem for anyone and he wasn't this time either. Now, standing before Kel'Thuzad I start to think, which I really shouldn't at this stage. I realize that I'm on an Undying run and this just needs to click. My hands starts to tremble and my knees shake. Focus...you can do this, you've done it lots of times. Yeah, but it's so close now and there's so much at stake...I'm really worried I'll miss a Frost thing and someone will die. I keep the HoTs rolling, get 3-4 frost saves in and Booom! Achievement done! Pure win, what a night!

Now there's only Malygos in 6 minutes that's a hurdle.
Oh we'll see about that Mr blue aspect.


Aertimus said...

Congrats!!!! I hope you get 6 min Maly down and get Glory of the Raider!

Niniel said...

Thank you! I hope so too, it would feel awesome! :)

Are you close? Good luck if you are aiming for it too!

Aertimus said...

I don't think its going to happen. We need Immortal and 6 Min Maly for 25 man. I just don't think people are interested. There has been a lot of complaints about repair bills and DPS just isn't logging on for raids. The raids are happening just fine - we just don't have the now geared and experienced coming and we are trying to pull it off with the less experienced and less geared people. Again - no problems getting tanks and healers to log on, just DPS.

Niniel said...

I guess people lose interest on these farm raids before Ulduar if they have nothing to struggle for.

I think the struggle for Glory of the Raider has reignited the passion for the 10 mans while the 25 mans are cleared in 1,5 days without much effort the 10 mans take up the rest of the week and everyone is very committed to it.

We have something like 31 active raiders right now so we need to recruit a bit more to have enough of a buffer for 3.1.

Emybloom said...

Its interesting reading about of the nightfall - we're currently working on it- and my officers seem convinced that we need 2 holy paladins and me, though I'd prefer to see the resto shammie sticking in there.

The general feel I get is that there are a lot of viable and great compositions out there... but getting the one that works for your guild... a wee bit more tricky.

Gratz (very belated though)

Pixielated said...


Also, I love the look of your UI... what do you use for your action bars? I recently got Nui, but I think I like the look of yours a bit better. =)

Niniel said...

Thank you! =)

I use Dominos for my action bars:

There's eepanels:

and also ButtonFacade:
http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/buttonfacade.aspx for making it look nice.