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Epic and C'Thun achievements done

I've had a trinket missing for this one for quite some time. I finally got an offspec one from Sapphiron though.

[Temple of Ahn'Qiraj]
Having played WoW since May 2006, C'Thun is something major for me. I never got to see him as I only did a few ZG/MC raids before Burning Crusade hit. That's why it feels like a huge thing to be able to go back and one-shot him in a PUG like I did today.


Averna said...

Grats on the achievements! And good luck trying to get those other ones done... the Make quick werk and the scion one, etc. My guild and I got the Make quick werk one by accident... haha. It felt pretty good =D

Niniel said...

Thanks! =)
Nice going!