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Guild communication

Apparently the service at the site GuildPortal which is hosting our guild website is down. You get a "The service is unavailable." when accessing the page. This is a problem since we have a raid tonight and the signups etc are handled on that site. Now I have no way of getting or giving information about the raid but to wait until tonight and login to the game.

This brings up a topic of communication and coordination. Would it be a good idea to start an IRC channel for the guild perhaps? To have a means of communicating outside the game without giving out your personal contact information to everyone? If anyone would need to leave a message or ask something you'd at least have IRC available. You wouldn't be as dependent on the services of a solution provider.

There's having another website as backup to use such as Google Sites, you could use a mailing list, use Instant Messaging but I really think IRC wouldn't be a bad idea. I think I'm going to suggest it.

How do you communicate and coordinate in your guild?


Rakhman said...

Guildportal sadly, and the raid leader has the MSN ids of a few of the officers.

I think we are just going to log on tonight and sort the raid out then.

Niniel said...

Yes, just logging on will most likely sort the raid. For future use though I believe in IRC.

Skarrde said...

We have a seperate website for our forums, used to use GP but got too costly. And now we use Groupcalendar in game to setup raids. Allows people to access it there and makes it simple for sign ups. the author is even working to get it to communicate with ingame calendar so you can access that from wowarmory

Enmagi said...

our forums don't often go down, but if they do, we mostly see each other in game and log on vent.

I know a lot of the guildies in my guild are interconnected and will txt each other using aim or cell phones and pass msgs that way if they can't connect to the game itself or they DC or something.

as far as signups- i know a lot of high end guilds who have a policy of you're expected to be there and it's like reverse signups, you post if you're not gonna make it, or otherwise let someone know. We still have signups and haven't adopted this policy, i just know it exists ;)

Niniel said...

I had a look at Groupcalendar quite a while ago but since the guild is using GuildPortal I haven't looked at it since.

GuildPortal has been very stable so I'm betting this latest downtime is just temporary.

That reverse signup was new to me. I guess that would work too. =)

Aertimus said...

We do what Enmagi says - you are expected to be there and you post if you can't make it. Only people who are on-time to the raid will get into it, so we don't have to deal with sign-ups.

We lost our forum site for about 3 days not too long ago. (Our site is self hosted by one of our officers - he built the site from scratch.) We just used vent message and guild message of the day. A lot of us are also connected via cell phone numbers, e-mails, and facebook.

Niniel said...

We have a problem there since we don't use any voice chat and I don't think there's a lot of connections on IM or Facebook.

We use signups and then our GM pick out the raid team based on some rotation so that everyone gets to raid roughly an equal amount.

This was interesting to hear how you do it.