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My Glory of the Raider status

These are the achievements I still need for Glory of the Raider.

Sartharion (2 resets needed)
- Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows
- The Twilight Zone

Malygos (2 resets needed)
- A Poke In The Eye
- You Don't Have An Eternity
- Denyin' the Scion

Naxxramas (1 reset needed)
- The Undying
- Make Quick Werk Of Him

I will be very disappointed if I don't get them before the patch though I'm quite pessimistic about it now. I'll probably only manage to get Make Quick Werk Of Him, Denyin' the Scion and Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows.

I'm sure something will mess up the Undying now that most of the guild already have it and I'm not sure I'll make the Malygos and Sarth+3 achievements in time either.


Keeva said...

We're working on our 25 man stuff at the moment (I've decided not to race for 10 man because I'm missing too much - I've only ever done five Naxx10 runs).

We finally got Immortal last week, but I was disconnecting so much that I sat out of Thaddius so I didn't ruin it for everyone - and they got "Shocking!". ARGH! After Immortal it's probably the hardest achievement to do in Naxx, and I missed it.

I really hope we do it again this week, because it would be pretty bad to miss out on the drake due to one thing.

Niniel said...

Yes, I'm mostly motivated by the speedy mount.

There are three in the guild who has completed Glory and have gotten the mount. So, the potential for all achievements exists in the guild. Just need the right group synergy and focus for it to click. Good luck with yours! =)