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Oh snap

Here's another funny exchange from our guild chat.

Don't think I'll use the legs I got tonight until I get the T7 helm or I'll lose the 4 piece bonus :(
Could be a while before you get the T7 head. Vanq has been in short supply.
Kel'Thuzad doesn't seem to like giving anyone head.
Can you blame him?

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Averna said...


Personally, I want him to give up some good mace. Come on baby, give me some torch of holy fire. It's just you and me, hon. And, uh, 24 other people. Yeah, I know I just killed you. Look, you'll respawn in another raid instance! It's all good, you know? C'mon. Just a little love. Just onnnnnee mace. No? Not even a little piece of druid gear? Gimme some leather, c'mon baby. Gimme it.

Ok. Fine. You wanna play like that? Maybe next time then.