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A toy train countermeasure in 3.1

Wow 3.1 PTR (Build 9614) Wind-up Train Wrecker

The Wind-Up Train Wrecker attacks a Toy Train set by jumping on it and that also stops the /train emote on players.


Anonymous said...


The worst toy train spot is somewhere in the Silver Enclave. I could hear all the noisy /train while hanging around Cantrips & Crows (sewer inn), one level below.

Niniel said...

It's nice to be able to take action alright =)

Khazak said...

you think anywhere in dalaran is bad?

I've got a guildie who thinks its funny to drop one in Kel'Thuzad's throne room, just before the event puts you in combat.

You can't leave.
You can't get out of range.
"choo choo"